It’s because they weren’t spanked. 

Poetic rant. 

It’s because kids are no longer spanked, lack of discipline, education, poverty Kids having bloody kids. It’s lack of respect, additives, bad diet, stale air, fluoride, inpesticides and the latest fashion trend. Lack of veg, a stern role, divorce rates and single moms. It’s easy money and light work, generation x and bad teaching. It’s the mother’s fault the father’s debt, duties voice so fucking set….
Or maybe the reason our kids disrespect, is that all around them, everyday they see adults breaking rules…Suggesting it’s okay. From crossing the road when the man is red to the rudeness that should never be said. It’s the thank you’s missed and the doors slammed shut. Maybe less, one rule you and another for me and screams of abuse out there on the street. It’s the fucks and the cunts they hear being said, from the old guy sitting at the bus shelter shed. The shop keepers turning up their  snobbish head at the food in the asked for kids to be fed.  
So easy we judge but never we look, parenting is not found in an old dusty book. Takes you and takes me when out on the street, to show our dear children to act like a treat. They follow and learn, watch and they earn…So before opening your mouth, before speaking a word, ask yourself first…Are your own morals blurred. Are you perfect and pure or just keeping score. Did you wait and then cross or did you ignore the cost? Did you moan and groan whilst waiting in line, believing you are the only one worthy of time. Did you stamp and strop, kick and fucking hop, expecting your right and willing to fight….

Is it really the mother, the father sister and brother, or is ignorance an illness you fucking suffer. 


First love forgotten on the breeze, remembered in the sun.


Half clad in skin tight lycra
A far cry from the nineties nightclub.
Face to face in the harsh light of a council run pool
Like some fucked up universal rule.
Eyes up eyes down there’s no where to go,
We’ve no choice but to play out this show.
A soft smile that tells us both that inside we are screaming,
we always understood the unspoken meanings.
We divide the pool with an invisible rope,
cos speaking in front of family is a big fucking nope.
I wonder now, what did you see?
Did I become everything you thought I could be?
Your hair is gone,
I loved it long.
I remember the places the plaits would sit,
back then everyone thought you were so fucking fit.
You were.
I was just a girl.
We fumbled with our identity, our bodies, our love,
You’ve told before you still remember that stuff.
Chlorine stenched hair
I don’t actually care,
I rise from the water
like a lamb to the slaughter
and just as I turn the corner,
the pair of us falter.
In the dim lights of a council run pool,
first love long forgotten, like some fucked up universal rule.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Poetic glitch.

The perfect arrangement of the alphabet,
the algorithm of communications.
A repetitive pattern that forms words,
any, all. We have full access.
The algorithm of life,
stories created and lived breathed in each morning and sighed out each night as we sleep.
Some stories are ours to tell,
to share,
to believe in as each word is formed.
Some are not. Some cannot be spoken.
Some must remain silent, whispers in our mind.
The glitch in every system.

Karen Hayward ©2016.

Please tick as appropriate.

Do not define me
under some useless title
used by society to
dictate the supposed behavioural habits of an individual soul.
I am me,
I do  not fit beneath a title,
I am a title
All of my own,
I defy your rules
I defy your terms,
I create.
I create new ways,
New rules, new terms,
I create a new definition
By which to let my soul live.
So stop trying to define,
The indefinable,
I am not a county or country or town,
I am in love with words with pictures, I am not a genre, or a taste or a type,
I don’t follow the hype,
I follow my heart,
It’s a great place to start,
I am free,
stop defining me.

Rude people

Hello world, so today’s Blog comes courtesy of me being a little pissed of today, some might call it a blog entry and others might call it simply a rant!

So rude people, they seriously piss me of, now, they come in different forms, you have your, unable to ‘communiate efficiently so appear rude types’, and you have your ‘I think im better than you and so will not give you the time of day types’, my anger is not directed at those that for whatever reason are unable to articulate themselves in an efficient manner and so appear to be rude types, but rather at the others.

You see the thing that annoys me most, is people who are rude in public, especially when done in front of my child. These people think they rule over the path, and so obviously they automatically have right of way, and so have no need to acknowledge the fact that actually they have right of way on the path for the simple reason that I have given it to them, a simple nod, smile or thank you, would not hurt.

Do these people not see, that when a child is out in public they’re learning about the social rules that govern their society, if a child see’s enough times that adults perceive themselves as better than those around them and therefore as having automatic rights of way, without even a hint of acknowledgement, then that child will believe that to be the acceptable and normal behaviour expected of them in society.

I often wonder if those people who choose to not acknowledge when a person has given them the right of way, are the ones that go home and complain about the youth of today and how disrespectful they are and of course how it is all the parents fault? They don’t seem to acknowledge that they play their part in creating the youth of today, they choose to express inappropriate manners, and to influence what children learn in their own communities.

I teach my child to respect those around, i teach my child that they are equal to those around, I get great pleasure in seeing the faces of the shamed, as my child’s words echo through the air ‘that person didn’t say thank you, and i moved out of their way’. These people can believe themselves to be better than those around them, but a child see’s them through different eyes, simpler eyes, a child will judge an adult without hesitation, and their judgement is usually correct.