Dracul, stand at my feet.

(Picture found on Pinterest)

Queen of the underworld,
the universe
and extinguished lights.
Open your eyes, and prepare
for the fight.
rise up and stand
before your leader.
Stand upon the
edges of the earth,
take mirth in all
that can be seen.
The devastation and
destruction of man kind.
The last wisps of humanity,
burning in the devils
calling out the angels.
Let the flames burn through
the last hope,
let the heat fuel your
feel it as burns
your soul,
and know,
that you are alive.

Inner flames raining upon me.


Fire burns inside of my soul,
searing flames,
an eternal glow.

The dark soldiers lead me.

I once whispered,
Into the night,
Asked the soldiers,
To take away my fright.
Screamed at them,
To give me light.
They just laughed,
And told me to have sight.
I once whispered into the night,
I’m not strong enough to fight,
They gave me wings,
So i could take flight.
I once asked,
The dark shadow man,
What is life, what is my plan?
what if everything i do is wrong,
The dark soldiers whispered back to me, into the night,
Follow us we are your light.

Satan’s rain.

I like to
My little red horns,
Away from scorn,
And bleeding thorns.
i like,
Being wrong,
When everyone is right,
I like the deepness of a
Sin filled night.
I’m a soldier of the devils fight,
passion hiding behind my eyes.
Hold me down, many have tried,
some have cried.
It’s deeper then you know,
An eternal glow,
That burns deep inside my veins,
Cooled only by
Satan’s rain.

Satan tempts the weak, but why?

an oddity,
To my mind,
Such a similar
I wonder,
If i’m

I’ll ignore,
The similarities,
The likeness,
And the pull.

I’ll hold back,
stay on track,
Cos i have a

And perhaps i’ll
Wonder, or maybe regret
Never touching the threat,
And i know that i will,
And that, it could kill,
And that pain will spill,
But then i would know that
It was real.

But a sin
Is a sin,
There is no win.
This is my battle,
my demons galore,
Waiting for me
To land on the floor,
At Satan’s door.

Satan sneers.

Satan sneers as I enter his burning gates,
He has his Constantine. I will pray
that my sacrifice will enlighten Peters
heart, and he will reach down into the
Very depths of the burning cave of the damned,
and upon my shoulder, place his protective hand, and
Like the phoenix, that rises from the ashes,
I will rise to heavens gates.

A Devil to Forget.

A Devil to forget.

There are days when I would happily make that leap,
Across the deep, dark abyss into the devils land.
To walk with you where the devil’s soldiers sleep.
To sell myself to Satan and forever be damned.
The eternal flames of hell licking at my soles,
Whilst the blood rushes to my feeble heart.
Lucifer waits greedily for my broken soul
to drag me into a world that will forever be dark.
But is just one touch, taste of my truest love,
Worth the perpetual darkness of eternity?
And the loss of the promise of the world above,
To spend my days with you eternally.
There are days, when I would happily make that leap,
And walk with you, Where the devil’s soldiers sleep.