Crisp and cool sunrise, that is just for my eyes.

A cool, crisp breeze,
From the calming sea’s,
Snaking around my legs,
A reminder, to never forget.

Soft blue skies,
Behind clouds that fly,
An entire visual show,
That adds life to my show.

The promise of a sun filled day,
When things are going, the other way,
Through the tree’s, i see the light,
Muted and dull, and ever so bright.


I sat on the stoney shore,

The soft ebbing tide

drifting further away.

The suns rays reflecting,

of the seas surface,

like gold dust,

dropping from the sky.

I close my eyes and,

let the winter sun warm me.


I can feel your kisses,

on my shoulder,

they’re soft and warm,

your eyes are looking

deep into my soul,

your hand is warm

against my bare skin.


My eyes open,

I rest my head,

upon my knees.

Fate is clearly cruel.

I look out at the

bluey grey sky,

and wonder why.


Life is never easy,

and perfection is rare.

But why does it taunt me.

I close my eyes,

and go back,

to my memories,

they’re all I have now.

All I will ever have.

I never knew,

that I would

miss you.