Lost in translation.

I need a silent page to rest these words, a place where only my eye’s search.

So many thoughts in so many days, so many feelings in so many ways.

And the words escaped with so much ease and finally I could see the trees.

To spill those thoughts was my very own choice, as time went by I found MY voice.

I stand now tall and wild, no longer that vulnerable child.

The seconds went to minutes, to hours, to days, to weeks

and I started to discover the things that I seek.

In the silence I found an incessant continuation of another’s life,

the days were dull and yet the skies were bright.

I looked inside, deep inside where all my hidden thoughts hide

and I made peace and I cut away those chains and iron shackles

that held me to myself. Listen now, hear as my spirit simmers and crackles

I am more than I have ever been and so much more than you have ever seen.

I have lost my fear, my vulnerability the cloak in which I hid my face,

is now gone, without a trace.

Karen Hayward (Copyright) 2015.

Searching for my flowers.


How can I write of beauty, when I am consumed with pain?

I cannot see the flowers, for I am drowning in the rain and

as my words fall to page, I want to swipe them back, and

still I am aware I am on my rightful track.

So I cannot see the beauty and I cannot feel the pleasure,

but believe me when I say, I am discovering what I treasure.

It’s not the easy path, it’s not the easy way,

but believe me, please, when I say,

I really am Okay.

The silence will not kill me it will not take my soul,

it’s the only way for me to reach my final goal.

You see, I really need to know, I really need to see,

what it is that makes, little old, pretty me.

So i’m searching in the rain, i’m searching through the storms,

looking for my flowers and avoiding deadly thorns.

Karen Hayward (Copyright) 2015.

Long forgotten twinkling sky.

Give me dark.
Take away the light,
The noise,
Let me sit
Beneath a black sky,
As dying stars
As moon light
Dances in my eyes.
Look then,
at me,
And in that moment,
As the darkness
Swarms around me
Look deep into the blues,
Past her reflective glare
Past the stars that are no longer there,
But please,
look only if you dare.
Because it’s there,
That you will find me,