Wandering the echos of my path

Mágico ! Absoluto !!! Prova de nossa insignificância diante do poder, leveza e força do Universo !!!! RCRº

I watch in perfect silence
Shadows, shadowing
my shadows you do not
see, I am a bird hidden
in a tree, I watch, intently
as the world passes
Intrigue when you look
at me, who I might be,
potential, you wonder
if I see, perhaps I will
tell my tale, my story.
I’ll weave poetically
Entwine majestically
Life’s realities, aghast that
this is no fantasy.
But where would I start
for you are right,
I’m still to believe that
this is my path.

Karen Hayward (c) 2017
Image found on pinterest

The essence of now.


I forgot
I forgot to look to the skies
As silver petals fell from the celestial heavens ,
And then I saw, and then I felt,
the angels golden breath upon my brow.
Worn down by words spat from Satan’s mouth,
I wonder is he devil sent?
Again I look up, I look up high,
silver petals falling from celestial skies,
the angels golden breath upon my brow
I feel the presence of the earth,
I feel the essence of now.

Karen Hayward ©2017
Image and words

Insecurities rush, the blind side.


It claws at me gently as hormones rise,

I know the uncertainty of insecure skies,

When enough, leaves and I see not a thing

Oh how I know what the short rise will bring.

But if nothing is all and all is free,

There’s nothing left for my broken soul, to see.

A blank page and empty space

Expect nothing, leave negative space.

I’m a whisper, a silhouette a bland empty ghost,

So alone I stand and alone I host.

Karen Hayward ©2017