Tell me wont you, what you find within the confines of my mind.


I see you have taken up residency in my mind.

I feel the curious curve of your tongue tasting me,

your fingers enticing beneath the surface,

your eyes calling me out. And how can I not follow

when I need to disperse my way through that

glorious mind.

My mind is naked before you,

captivated by your presence

and lost within

your essence,

Karen Hayward ©2017

Poem and picture ©

Lips tender bite…


Would you devour me with those eyes,

that soulful glance… or lips, tender, would

you kiss me and take that chance?

Would you pause to  traverse my eyes

And search beyond what makes me shy,

and look instead at what makes me shine?

Would I feel beyond your touch, beyond life’s hands

mans soul on gentle skin would they tease

and passion bring and would they lead me

through paths of…blissful  sin.

Or perhaps…

Would i devour those

Eyes, that soulful look…

Karen Hayward*©2017

Taste the subtle hint.


Taste my subtle hint of raspberry kisses,
Count the beats that my heart misses.
Feel the atoms charge with lust,
See the glint that says I trust.
Taste my subtle hint of strawberry skin,
Look into my heart and I’ll show you sin.
Feel the atoms beneath my fingers,
See the glint, the way it lingers.
Taste the sweetness on my lips,
listen to how my heart beat dips.
Feel the atoms as my essence flows,
See the glint and watch me glow.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Sinful crimes.

The muse of a mind of chaotic prose

If I could stop time we could pause and show.

We could speak with our tongues the language of lust

the desire to explore and to watch is a must.

If I could wield the sands in the hour glass

that make my hours pass so fast

I could stop them on a level ground

whilst your fingers touch the pearl that was found.

I could tinkle with space and create a new land

where everything happened with the touch of your hand.

Oh muse if I could stop the ticking of life’s eternal time

we could pause and commit such sinful crimes.

Karen Hayward (copyright) 2015.