With fingers that roam across

the skin and tongues that devour,

with hands that explore the

curves and lips that taste.

With eyes that give and words that take,

for a single moment of eruption

make me the only inhabitant

of our corruption. As we search the

endless skies for connection, hindered by

reflection, let me lead you into

temptation. Let me be the darkness

you seek, be my darkness.

Become my need

as it spills as I will be



Karen Hayward ©2016


Deep… till I am silenced.

No one needs to know the secrets to our touch .

I’ve never liked society all that much.

Follow me into darkness leave your soul at the door.

By the end of the night, we’ll both be begging for more.

No one needs to know the desires of the dark.

Sexual experimentation is along this path.

Leave your intimacy at the door,

you wont be needing that no more.

Strip away the pleasantries and polite smiles that lie

fuck away my voice and leave me just with a sigh.

Karen Hayward (copyright)2015.