Exchange of warmth. . .

Part one. Short story extract. . . to be continued

Laura Wandsworth took a deep breath. She had been expecting them, the police that is. She had been caught shop lifting. K-Y warming lubricant jelly, of all  things, Laura, chuckled to herself. She should have known really, she had looked so out of place there in the Ann Summers shop. She hadn’t gone out planning on stealing anything. She hadn’t really needed anything, the freezer was full from the week before when she had visited Iceland. But she had been so cold walking around the town. Her fingers felt immobile beneath her gloves, and she was unable to feel her toes beneath the two layers of thermal socks. She had figured out a few years back the best shops for warmth were those that had changing rooms, the skimpier the outfit’s the warmer the heaters. Laura rarely visited Ann Summers, always feeling a little prudish. The heater was at the far end of the shop, tucked inside an alcove where they kept the adult movies. As always Laura did her best to fit in. She picked up items turned them over and pretended to be interested. She had felt the blood rush to her cheeks as quickly replaced the dvd back onto the shelves. Laura innocently picked up the lubricant drawn in by words warming. When she realised the effect it might have she had slowly dropped it into her pocket. The security guard waited by the doors for her. A tall man with a shaved head. Laura had never been caught stealing before, even though most days she went out with that very intent.