Dracul, stand at my feet.

(Picture found on Pinterest)

Queen of the underworld,
the universe
and extinguished lights.
Open your eyes, and prepare
for the fight.
rise up and stand
before your leader.
Stand upon the
edges of the earth,
take mirth in all
that can be seen.
The devastation and
destruction of man kind.
The last wisps of humanity,
burning in the devils
calling out the angels.
Let the flames burn through
the last hope,
let the heat fuel your
feel it as burns
your soul,
and know,
that you are alive.

My sacrifice returns to haunt me.

I’m tidying toys,
Blocking out noise,
washing dishes,
And talking wishes,
I’m standing at the door,
looking at the floor
As clouds above begin to roar.
I even paused,
To stand outside
And feel the rain,
On my skin again.
I’ve stairs to sweep,
Stories to tell
Bedtime rituals still
To yell.
Lunch’s to be made,
A hanging doll to be saved,
washing to fold,
My sleep on hold.
A sacrifice had to be made,
So now as exhaustion hits,
On the stairs where i sit,
It’s the cool rain in the air
That reminds me,
To always push,
To always dare.
And as i am
Punished once more,
For refusing to look at the floor,
All i can think,

Chaotically dancing through the morning sun.

It feels like a million
Thoughts are swimming
In my mind,
Each one searching,
And happy with the find.
Awake and aware,
Ready to share,
So full of care.
deliriously drunk on
Silent freedom.
My beating heart is calm,
My frantic mind is
Chaotically dancing
Through the morning sun.

Goodbye no Reason why.

No goodbye, no reason why.
No sorry, no lies,
No goodbye, no reason why.

History once again,
Prevails its weakened soul.
So much forgiveness,
But the end is Nye.

No goodbye, no reason why.
No sorry, no lies.
No goodbye, no reason why.

So undeserving of the truth,
You offer silence instead.
When true words would,
Sooth a broken heart.

No goodbye, no reason why.
No sorry, no lies.
No goodbye, no reason why.

No empty lies,
No questions of why.
Just honest truth,
Is loves real proof.