The vast emptiness
of a muddled mind
fractured beyond
the splintered remnants
of the devil kiss…
…where now are the fireflies
that once had enlightened
my soul to celestial skies?
For all about me lays the
vast wastelands of the underworld,
the river Styx whispers to
me at nights promise as
slumber pulls me under,
I am fallen,
the broken remains of
belief swimming
now in Stygian darkness
drowning my sins in lust
suffocating my love in desire
saving myself from the 
mundane wishes of
the blind. 

Karen Hayward ©2018

Image and words

Declarations of sin.

Give me a moment to taste the sins of the past in the scent of our souls. Darkness swarming as we are lost in a tornado of forgotten inhibitions. Let me paint passion
across your skin in edible sauce to tantalise my taste buds and awaken my dulling spirit.Take me to the very point of ecstasy and guide me through as pleasure spills through me and across you. I’ll wear our endeavors etched into my soul in a treasure trove imprinted with the taste of your thoughts and sealed with essence of seed that you offer, a memory of passion that may last forever. Take me down on bended knee and look deep inside these pools of blue and tell me, it’s me you want to screw.


Karen Hayward ©2016


Blame it on science or our biological formation.
Blame it on a conceptual scapegoat or on unknown causes.
Do as you please.
No amount of avoidance will give you escape from self deceit.
No matter how many times you scrub away at layer upon layer of  you’ll never erase those sins.
No amount of bleach will cleanse your palms of the florescence glow beneath
a black light. 

Karen Hayward ©2016

Blood if sin.

I’m missing words and thoughts are pounding as my head is screaming lingering soaked in the blood of sin and constantly streaming.Strip away my outer layer let the coldness burn my naked form appease the devils sky as thunderous clouds create a storm. Bang away all feelings from the nerves within my skin
tease out all the bullshit that filters within. Leave no part untouched, no part unseen place me on a pedestal
and watch me tremble beneath the spotlight as I stumble and fall.

Karen Hayward ©2016