The Rains Came


The rains came
without warning the
skies darkened and the
air hung fresh as she caught
droplets of cool rain in her mouth
letting them slip between her
flush pink lips tasting them
against her tongue
as they nestled
between the strands
of her untamed hair racing
down her face, sliding down her
neck, teasingly wandering into the
curves of her chest. Searing skin
tingling at the new sensation
of cold beads, erecting need
and heaving sighs
of relief.

Karen Hayward ©2018 Image and words

White flesh of apple.

You are art to be admired,

flesh to be touched,

body to be felt.

You are a palette of pale peaches

and snow flake whites.

You are the snaking view

and teasing sight.

Your form is relief, is peace

is please…ing.

Your gentle skin is comfort.

You are the first bite of a deep

red apple, white flesh against my

tongue, sweet juices spilling

across my lips.

The human form is beauty

to be admired you are art

to my naked eye.


Karen Hayward ©2016