The lucid call of sleep

I wake in the pits of lucidity
The heavy weight drowning me
Suffocating on air as my blood
becomes lead, and I am falling
further, my axis pulling,
screaming, crashing.
I feel the cat laying across my
hip, I feel the cold air against
my skin, I hear the echo of a tv
the whir of the fridge…
And I am there, among the white
lights, that become a rabbit that
become crystals that become diamonds and still I am drowning.
I hear the voices in my head
whispering wake up, whispering
come deeper and I know I am
dreaming, I know I have slipped
between the cracks into lucidity.
I know my night will be filled
now with an acidic aura
Plunging me through a labyrinth
of suffocation, color and drowning
so I wake, pull myself from the
claws of fantasy, spill my thoughts
onto the page and hope I have
somehow discovered the reset
button before I dive mind first
back Into the world of sleep.

Karen Hayward ©2018
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Darkness swarms when sleep weeps

Darkness swarms at my soul
as the vivid moon drowns
beyond black storming clouds,
Distant screams.
Helplessness, pinned
by unseen
forces sucking life
from my tired
The essence of
death pulling
at my chords,
begging for air
as slumber tortures
my soul. As slumber
torches my soul.

Karen Hayward (c)2017

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man wearing black and blue mask costume
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8:05 Dawn 

For a moment
I forget to breathe
My body is stilled
beyond sight
Dreams whisper,
reality screams
darkness floods
the thin veil
voice stolen
Illusion, delusion,

red numbers
tell me tonight
is lost, four more
hours till dawn
I count the
stars I cannot
find Selene.

Karen Hayward ©2017

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Sleep paralysis, frozen between worlds.

The heaviness pinning me against the bed. Eyes open I searched the darkness for my captor my eyes met only by the empty shadows. A scream, my scream, a high screech that penetrated where light particles refused to travel. No sound left my stilled body as I struggled against the unseen force holding me against my will. Nothing. With my eyes closed I slowly count, praying for the paralysis to release me, to let go its vice grip on me. My body aches, screaming against the heavy pressure of this unseen dream. Till suddenly I am without cover, my heart a rapid succession of broken beats and the shadows are falling upon me ready to relieve me of my soul. I cannot move and I feel the emptiness become me seeping into my heavy limbs my force ebbing away.

Karen Hayward ©2016