I am love…

I am love. Liberate me from these past chains and I am the essence of love, the Eros of ancient Greece, the Roman Cupid, I am the epitome of love caged within a shell of disdain. Free me. Please. I am love, I am words spoken too fast, distracted thoughts, random smiles inappropriately dispersing the grey, I am the I love you’s, told time and time… For any moment can be our last, I am love, let me be love let me become the Intense fluttering of a dragonfly empowered to fly the skies, protected as I dance between atoms, a sprite teasing the sun beams. I am love, *flourishing* when loved, an *inferno of heat* , I am love, look closer it is love that curves my lips, it is love sparkling in my eyes, it is love that carries my laughter… It is love that lifts my wings, to be and to love, to love, to love freely, wholly, intensely in the abandoned hues of tomorrow between the silent beats of contentment. I am love, liberate me, please, my wings are clipped, this cage suffocating, I was love, this mist drowns me, I was love, this cage kills me. I was love… I am love, I am love, I am love. Free me, please.

Karen Hayward ©2018

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A shadow of loves breath

Recent rains bring
a post cold air
that snakes,
gingerly through
my hair,
It leaves a dark
shadow across my hip,
an empty white void,
Baby, your hand should be there,
It stains hard across my back
the empty imprint of your torso,
but baby, the space is bare,
It leaves a faint
Speckled constellation,
across naked shoulders
hints of the kisses
we’ll share.
The cool breeze weaves
through my hair
as dreams call to me
alone in the night..

… And I tell the cold night breeze
that I want you, I want you there.

Karen Hayward ©2018

The ancient pull of aura

It tugs at me
pulling at strings
caressing thoughts
embracing shadows
There’s a part of me
that isn’t sure
a part that coverts
not peas in a pod
Not similar
not the same
More like two
sides of the
same coin
Yin and yang
a mirrored reflection
Yes, the same source
and the missing parts.
There’s a part of me
that isn’t sure,
that we haven’t kissed
on times path
along some far of
sandy shore.

Karen Hayward ©2018

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Haphazard whispers of love

*Shh*… ould we?
I mean can we?
I’m tangled in a web
of your desire
caught haphazardly
on your tongue
the curve of your voice
as it entwines through me.
Can we?
I pull at the ancient sticky
essence that seemingly
binds us
I wonder,
were we ever unbound?
I sometimes call
defiantly into
the dark abyss of stars
like I did that night.
And you always answer
as you did that night…
my defiance quenched
for a moment.
Yet I still find
myself pulling
and tugging
at that string…

… I guess it might snap.

…or I might discover
your soul has been at my
side the entire time.

Only one way to find out.

Karen Hayward ©2018

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How many soul mates have kissed your lips 

#positivelyprompted (The dream scene)
Art by Miro Hirano

How many souls have intimately
known your touch as you searched
through the faces for the Queen to
your thrown?

How many seeds of lust abandoned
on the summer breeze that held you
captivated momentarily.

How many wishes, counted, whispered
and forgotten so we could travel
this path untrodden.

How many I wonder, seedling soul mates fell short at our feet as we tried in vain to hear the whispers of an ancient memory.

How many soul mates have touched our lips as we searched through the universe for a true loves wish, as we searched through lovers for each other’s kiss.

Karen Hayward ©2017

And when darkness swarms…listen to the ancient echo of our souls.

And when the darkness swarms,
when loneliness pulls you into the depths,
when you look but I cannot be found.
When silence sits on my lips and my words are empty.

Close your eyes for they are tainted with the hypocrisies of a broken society,
plunge your hands deep into your pockets, for your fingers wear the callouses of poisonous lust that lingers searching for touch.
Close your eyes.
Go deep inside of yourself to that place where fear itself guards the door.
Walk past him with your head held high.
Enter into existence where your soul is whole and loved,
where darkness acts only to contrast the illuminations of the universe. And you will find me there, where I have always been, my soul beside your soul, two halves creating a whole.




Karen Hayward ©2016

And in the darkness.


And in those moments when my tired soul broke beneath the idealism of a screwed up society. When darkness engulfed me. When I became so lost I was the epiphany of shame and the devil was the only other soul who knew my name. And in that moment when alone I cried a million tears of lost hope, on the shores of an ebbing tide that did all it could to draw away from my being. When my soul abandoned my body and all I was left with was the vast emptiness of an ocean of wept tears and the darkness of forever, I know now it went in search of you. It flew the skies of dying stars and searched the shores of crying tears. It navigated the faceless souls of existence until like a beacon of hope it found your soul and in returning to me upon that shore it placed inside of me a small flicker of light, for it knew, there was always hope, there was always finding you.

Karen Hayward ©2016