The Essence of Gold Dust.

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Drowning in the essence of your love,

pool of desire pulling me in as your

ocean embraced my soul in sudden

distraction as the air was pulled from

my loveless lungs. Seconds turned

to minutes, hours crashing through

days melding into weeks…now time,

is the foundation of our existence.

Clarity of thought to which you have

whispered, a constant ebb of love,

the ocean, Pandora’s stained essence.

You? You are the gold dust sprinkled

on the oceans surface, calling to my soul,

pleading I rise, I breathe, I live …I love.

Treading water beneath horizons of eternity,

celestial skies illuminated in your

cyan eyes.


I have never felt so free.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Cyan, futuristic Iris.


Oh how I long to write,  but alas my soul is singing

a melody of liberation in notes of love. Every word

becomes a sound, a chirping bird in dawns glory, an owl

hooting neath full moons glow, the ebbing tide

whispering devotion to the shore and that honeyed

curve of your voice…and every thought becomes

the tunes vision, skies of home, eyes of…..oh but the eyes…such

intensity it pains my soul to look upon the reflective…the reflection,

for now I see what others don’t those seas of mate, t’is true,

is in our eyes, a future set, a future past,

a future always me and you,

built to last.

Karen Hayward ©2016

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Love in the soul of a butterfly.

Inspired by a photoprompt on g+ which can be found here


And the butterfly she flew

across oceans of blue,

searching the world for

love that was true.

And she became psyche

and psyche became her.

And they spoke of a love

that traveled the earth.

And cupid he searched

and he found his dear love,

and cupid was Eros

and Eros was Cupid.

And Cupid took Psyche

souls entwined

Their passion so great

it went without measure,

together at last

they gave birth to pleasure.


Karen Hayward ©2016




Perhaps love is cause of my insomnia.


Perhaps love is the cause
of my insatiable insomnia.
The eventuality of closeness, the essence of its core,
yearning in the dark hours.
The incessant song of life
drowning out my silence, heard deep within my
For how can I sleep when
such adventures lay
How can I lay in slumber when
an ancient mist claws at my skin?
Perhaps in the lonely solitude of darkness,
my soul calls out to love
and there between
thr veil of light and dark,
I hear your soul calling back.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Take the floor.


Take the floor. It is yours.

Dance beneath the heavens

with a love divine your future

is set, you my dear are flyin.

Take the floor.

Devote all that you are,

leave behind

whimsical thoughts of passion,

take the floor,

dance to the tune of love that

filters through your mind.

Take the floor, look back no more.

Take the floor,

look back no more.


Karen Hayward ©2016