Fairy-tales do not exist

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Fairy tales do not exist
and cupids arrow will always miss.
The evil queen will always win
and every girl is filled with sin.

There’s no golden fleece to protect us all
no fairy godmother to stop your fall.
The birds don’t clean and cats don’t talk
and there’s no such thing as the perfect walk.

There’s no bread crumbs to find your way
and no fire breathing dragon for you to slay.
Hearts are real and cannibalism does exist
and there’s no such thing as the perfect kiss.

The emerald city and the world of oz are just a dream
and yes, people really are that mean.
Parlour tricks and a clever tongue
and no the spell won’t break with the morning sun.

Fairy tales do not exist
but I think I might
just take that risk.

Karen Hayward ©2015. Image downloaded via google

Just there.

Sweet wisp
of salty mist
skin so bare
as eyes meet
and lovers kiss
upon the shore
right there.
Soft shush
of a teasing sea,
gentle blush
of lovers free.
Thoughts that
words that
Twilight dreams
Of far of seas
and skies of blue…

….just me and you.

Karen Hayward ©2018
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Traversing truth

I once scoffed at the concept of traversing time on love alone,
I placed doubt upon my page and delved deep into the human form
It’s capabilities and inadequacies.
I tore holes in doctrines and ripped apart
I battled existence and swept through claims of denial.
And now I must take back such outlandish beliefs,
For my fingers feel yours and yet my eyes do not see,
My heart, metaphorical? No, my heart chakra
senses the very beating of your soul,
My sacral the very fires of your need
and yet, I am still to cherish your touch
my lips whisper of lifetimes worth of kisses,
Yet still I search the today’s for your taste.
I once scoffed at that which I never knew,
my path was still unwinding,
leading me
to you.

Karen Hayward ©2017

As the blade slipped…

I am the speckled fragments of chaos
you are the contents of Pandora’s chest
I am moon beams dancing at twilight
you are my sky, vast, encompassing
I am kisses shimmering in darkness
You are my night, my knight, my light.

I am the scattered remnants of chaos
I am the broken whispers of Pandora
I am an ancient constellation of star dust                                                                I am the essence from the blade of Zeus
We were one, became two, eternity spent
searching for you…

I am the moon adorned in white light
You are the sky, my infinite love
I am the fragrance of scent long forgot
You are the essence craved at my core
I am an ancient need, ignited in flames
you are the source whispering my name.

You are the echo of touch on my skin
You are the whispers I hear when I dream.
You are the stars leading my way
You are home, found high in the skies
You are a source ingrained in my soul                                                         a whispered memory from an ancient day.

I am the essence on the slide of the blade
You are the soul, Zeus split that day.
We are star dust travelling through time
Searching eternally for the silent signs
Now I am found and we look no more,
For you are mine.. and I am yours.

Karen Hayward ©2017

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It’s wrong, perhaps, wrong to tease
that passion to the surface,
to call it forth with fierce presence
to antagonise it into existence
Primal perhaps, to crave it’s taste
to thirst to drink its essence
to swallow it’s substance
to hunger for its touch
adrenalin fuelled and defiant
carnal need spilling across
rational thought staining
my lust into him, tattooing
my desire into his fingers
as piercing eyes devour
pale skin and lips move to
utter the last words of restraint
slipping them into my waiting
mouth. Wrong, perhaps.
To tease out that adrenalin
with the simplicity of differing
views, to quench passions
voice in soul curling kisses
that reach deep within the
sacral chakra radiating
in explosive waves of need
Empowering, tantalising
to hold that power, for a
moment, till senses regained
and energy diverted
passion bleeding out
across forgotten thoughts
and I am pinned beneath
him, seed of energy
claiming yin with
in the primal screams
of a carnal battle of ecstasy.

Karen Hayward ©2018
Image and words

Crossing the void

My dearest, see now how the sun kisses
the ashes of your soul that swim through
the days tide that ebbs and flows searching for home. Alas, you are home,
paradise to an eternal soul, I touch my
fingers to the calm motion of your love
and for a moment I feel your touch. You crossed dimensions to stand at my side,
traversed the oceans on a waning moon to feel the essence of my soul and with every falling ebb I whisper to the far of waves, I miss you. . . for who now will hear of my secrets, who now will understand the macabre laughter of my soul and who now will tell me how to love and just when I think I am alone the tide once more, kisses the shore.

Karen Hayward ©2017

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An oceans breath

There are oceans between us
to large to comprehend,
Your sun sets as mine begins to rise
and rises as it sets before my eyes.
Eternity is written in those warming
skies, as Shepard’s all decree their delight at this divinely sent sight.

I watch the ticking clock
For no man time will stop
With each tick I am lost
searching for you in every tock.

The ocean kisses my soul
Caresses my soles
in tender thoughts of a lovers role
collecting the last pieces of my
heart you stole,
Such a vast space, yet I feel so whole
and I wonder do you know.

And still time slips through the veil
of glass, grain upon memory they sail
through intimate atoms, no fail,
treading barefoot through a destined trail.

For a brief moment we share time
in a timeless loop of yours and mine.
Darkness shrouds us in our minds
as the last whispers of pink turn to shrine
and our souls traverse till they find
eyes of love from a soul of their kind
And for a brief moment we share time.

Karen Hayward © 2018

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A pocket full of love

New? Me and you in a pocket
universe of atoms,
Not I or he or she or you
but we.
Our energies merging
between the aeons
of time,
painting new
canvases of our
A Technicolor of
equilibrium spilling
from the
gentle strokes of
our brushes.
I’ll paint you
good mornings
In golden kisses
of light,
You’ll paint the
fluorescent darkness
the stars, the moon
and our nights
and together they’ll
become one in a
pocket universe
made for two
beneath another day’s
evening sun…

…just me and you.

Karen Hayward ©2018

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A shadow of loves breath

Recent rains bring
a post cold air
that snakes,
gingerly through
my hair,
It leaves a dark
shadow across my hip,
an empty white void,
Baby, your hand should be there,
It stains hard across my back
the empty imprint of your torso,
but baby, the space is bare,
It leaves a faint
Speckled constellation,
across naked shoulders
hints of the kisses
we’ll share.
The cool breeze weaves
through my hair
as dreams call to me
alone in the night..

… And I tell the cold night breeze
that I want you, I want you there.

Karen Hayward ©2018