She’s nothing special and yet everything divine

He looks at her as though
she were a Queen,
his Queen or an empress
or perhaps even a Goddess. He is enamoured by her,
it radiates from them
in tiny droplets of beauty.
She doesn’t look special.
But neither does he.
She wears white hair,
wrinkles and age.
He wears a flat cap,
grey strands and green.
She shows no leg,
He dresses simple
She shows no boob,
He’s in coat and scarf.
Yet they look dazzling.
Her crooked
full smile and her
childlike giggles, her face
is always alight,
and his eyes always
searching, twinkling
looking at her, his Goddess
and for a split moment
I see the mystery of
eternal love
is not a mystery at all
It’s written right there
between her laughter lines…

Karen Hayward © 2018
Image and words

I’ve written about this ederly couple before, they show their love for each other in such an honest and beautiful way, it is inspiring, it is beautiful.

Blue eyes Husky

Old man up my road
owns a white
Siberian husky.
He pounds along
the path chasing
cats, pulling old man
here, there
His bark is fierce
splits atoms
demands attention.

Old man up the road
pauses at our gate,
for Husky blue eyes
searches for his
Princess blue eyes and
he finds her.

Husky stands tall
with his front paws
perched atop the
Black iron gate.
Head bowed.
He does not bark,
jump, skip or
dance with
He patiently waits.

Small girl squeels
with delight
‘our friend, mummy’
she looks to me
for permission.

Permission granted.

Small girl walks steadily
to the gate leaving
behind her fears
and anxiety.
Husky holds his position.
Pausing a foot away
she reaches out small
tender fingers…

Husky smells, a small
dance in his back paws
as her fingers delve
deep into his fur
they rub heads for
a split second
then husky is calm
blue eyes searching
blue eyes, she smiles.

Old man tells me
he ain’t never seen husky
like this with no one…
She must be special he says.

Old man knows.
Husky knows.
I know.

One day she too will know.

Karen Hayward ©2018

Image and words ♥