Luscious greens

If these here lush green leaves could speak a word
they’d tell us perhaps, of the singing birds
of breaking dawn, autumn days, crisp air
and crunching blades, frozen grass, white as snow
hidden neath trees ageless bough in shadows
Yes, if those there leaves in morning glory
could tell a tale or two, they’d sing an ode
to nature’s red berries and brightest skies
of robins resting and crows feeding as 
Fat wet worms dangle from open beaks, and
Beneath endless skies of dancing blues
sun burns waking warm rays leaving a trail
of seasons blaze through days beginning
In gentle tones of vivid life and morning dew.

Karen Hayward © 2018
Image and words

Whimsical promises…


I sit beneath the cherry blossom, sun soft against my skin the breeze dancing through my hair and the blue sky above watching me. Eye’s closed I listen to the earth, her song as she skips past dancing through atoms. Around me forms a serene calm, a melody of candy floss pink and budding greens.

I am reminded through the implosion of fragrant rose petal that I am alive, reminded through the explosion of Purple lavender buds that I breathe, reminded through the soft silk cherry blossom that I am one with the universe.

Around the me the world is consumed by distractions, the cars busying to their next destination, the man walking beside his Dog, one day dreams of a game of catch, the other thinks only of home. The rustling bags filled with treats and tinkling of coins as bells ring in triumph of debts collected. Even the clouds rush by, no where to go and no reason to stay.

I close my eyes, lose myself in the echoes of childhood dreams, fairy tales and fantasies still to be discovered…

Karen Hayward © 2018

Image and words