So in love with me.


Skies of deep and settled blue and the warmth of a flaming sun upon my skin has flown me to far away lands where I have sat and pondered all that life can be and decided that I am so entirely in love with me.
I love my feet, my toes all long and slender.
I love my legs, my knobbly knees, my bum. I love my bum on the days when it reminds me I am my mother’s child, I love it more on the days when it exists.
I love my arms, pale, slender and peppered with freckles. I love my shoulders that tan slightly as summer ends.
I love my stomach, scars and all.
I love that at 5ft 8 I’m not short and I’m not tall.
I love my eyes that cannot lie,
And the way I blush when I go shy.
I love my mind, I love my heart,
I love the light I love the dark. So summer skies of deep, deep blue,
I love myself as I love you.

Karen Hayward ©2016.

Spring, with each new petal.

Warm rays that wake my soul,
As morning dawns and darkness goes,
Blue skies of endless hope,
Birds sing the perfect notes.
Flowers, tired, drained of life,
Open their eyes, drink in the light,
Petals full of vibrant energy,
Nectar, for our dear, dear honey bee.
New life for the growing buds,
Pushing through the heavy mud.
Spring thaws the freezing earth,
A new energy filled with mirth,
The sky grows light,
petals take flight,
static air forms to excite
As we sit back and take in this glorious sight.

Karen Hayward © 2015.