Sit with me.

Come with me I have something to show you. Sit here beside me in the evening chill and watch as the pink hue fades to blue before sinking us into darkness. Perhaps a sea mist will slowly roll in snaking around our legs his damp fingers crawling at our skin. Sit with me beneath the night skies, wrap around me your arms, pull me in close and lose yourself, with me, in the dying lights. We’ll count stars as we recall the memories that made us and forget the ones that didn’t. Sit with me beneath the half moon and whilst you become lost in his shimmer let me lose myself in your eyes. Sit with me in the silence of darkness and let our bodies say what our words cannot. Come with me, I have something to show you.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Do the stars watch us from above?

Do the stars, as they lay dying in the night skies, look straight into the heart of the universe? Do they spend the twilight hours counting the insomniacs, the broken and the bruised? Do they place empty wishes upon the souls that fly, do they weep stolen tears for the souls that cry? Do they have the perfect algorithm to tell them of human meteor showers that reign down burning flames of pain and destruction. Have they mapped our constellations can they tell me off my fate or do they watch tirelessly as we are consumed by hate. Do the stars know us by our names, or the colours of of our soul or are we just a number without a heavenly goal? Do they hear me as I whisper do they know my secret thoughts,  do they know the reason why my sleep is so very short? Do the stars simply love the glowing of the moon, do they, like us, lay there and swoon as she fills the nightly skies from night until goodbye. Do the stars look down into the universe a reflection in reverse, do they count up the all the souls and collect them in a purse ? Did the God of all creation decide in his elation, in the darkness of that station to give the stars, the very last of his impatience. Do they count us as we break, watch us whilst we wake…sitting in the darkness I wonder of this sight, is it the stars that keep me sane in the emptiness of the night?

Karen Hayward ©2016

Souls dance among the darkness.

maygarden 015

Can I become lost in the essence of your soul and fall aimlessly into the depths of the universe on the whispers of your melody. With closed eyes and open mind can I swim among dreams of another realm, a phantasm of jasmine scented petals and cloudless skies. And can I lose myself beneath your touch as minds transcend and skin becomes merely a cloak that shrouds passion and desire that burn as the stars in the heavens. Perhaps, like the stars our souls could dance through the darkness of the night skies, illuminating every atom we touch. Can I become lost in the essence of your soul?

Karen Hayward ©2016

Silence and dandelion wishes.


Silence wraps her arms around

me in a loving embrace. My mind

continues ticking away,

only the words,

they don’t want to leave me.

They snuggle comfortably inside my mind

dragging in pillows and a duvet.

Together we lay back and watch as the

world passes by.

We watch two admiral butterflies skip across

the breeze

tantalisingly teasing one another.

I count the dandelion wishes

already in bloom and I count the ones to come.

I sit upon the blades of emerald grass

threading daisies into a chain,

admiring the pinkness on each petal

wondering where it comes from.

I search the blue of the sky

for a hint of a star, knowing I will never

see one whilst the sun watches me.

So I wait.

A moon sits whole in a pale blue backdrop.

And I wait.

The skies fall dark and my silence echoes.

And I wait.

I wait for the stars so i can count them.


Karen Hayward ©2016

How can I sleep when the night skies are alight with beauty.

How can I sleep when the night skies are alight with beauty? When the dying stars whisper to me in my dreams, how can I sleep when  darkness calls my name with promises of untold secrets .

How can I not sleep when you fill my other world, when in my dreams we are outside the confines and the iron bars are gone. How can I not sleep when inside my dreams you are everything and nothing you are the echo of touch as our lips touch, you are the moments caught inside my jar.

Oh, how can I sleep when dark skies wrap themselves around me caressing my soul, when the emptiness holds me in his arms and tells me perfect folk stories of solitude. How can I sleep when reality is so incredibly picture perfect through the crystal lens.

How can I not sleep when escapism filters through my mind, how can I sleep when the stars above are beautiful reminders of hope. Oh, tell me universe, how can I not sleep when my dreams are the very concept oh hope.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Cover me in a shroud of stars.

Dear Universe,
Cover me in a shroud of stars, I will love them until their lights fade from sight. Drop me into the deepest oceans I will swim among the lonely and tame the angry Sharks.
Close my eyes and show me true darkness and I will be a light for the lost. Lay me upon your fluffiest cloud and I will stare into your heart and dream of the infinite. Dear Universe, reach out your hands and I will fall into them I will become one with your soul as you are one with mine.

Karen Hayward ©2016.