Learning new stuff.

So for those that know me well, they know I’ve always got something going on, well this weeks something is this. So firstly what is it, it’s cousera a great place to study at no cost, the courses are provided by many, many global universities, and shall I say it again, at no cost! You can of course pay to have a certificate sent out to you £32 for the UK, so depending if you want the certificate, me personally I just enjoy filling my head up :). The course I chose this time is Soul Beliefs: Causes and Consequences-unit 1: Historical foundations. Which in my opinion is absolutely perfect for where my thoughts are at the moment :). So anyway, yeah just thought I would be kind and share the link, in case anyone else fancies some free learning. 🙂 I think if I remember rightly they have a creative writing course too :).

Mine and mine alone.

It’s mine,
I earned it.
Late nights and early
Endless writing,
And always yawning.
It’s mine alone,
Mine to own.
You never believed,
you could never see.
So many doubters,
Critical shouters,
How wrong were you?
Your colours are true.
I don’t want your appluase,
So please, continue to ignore.
I thought, i did it as proof,
It was all a little aloof.
But i see now, this was my journey,
You never stood beside me.
Do not stand up now,
and shout real loud,
Do not pretend,
you were with me till the end,
You were never there,
You thought i’d fail, you didn’t care.
So here’s the news, i’m not gonna share.
This thing i earned,
Is mine alone,
Mine to own.