… His words taste like the outer corners of lust, coveted by dark shadows. A curse of black mist rising in me. If I am the succubus then he is my master, puppeteering my desire, fingering my needs to his command. His touch is the black leather choker at my slender neck. His voice the liberating echo of passion that lubricates my strings….and in his eyes is the promise of a million kisses, each one new, deep, purposeful. Each kiss overflowing with lust, each kiss a binding promise of trust, each kiss an exchange of power… And if I am his succubus, a vessel of need then he is my master and from him alone I feed, for there in his kisses, his touch and his eyes, is an abundance of love filling my skies.

Karen Hayward ©2018

Flames, burning, need, desire. 



No not me

Fallen perhaps

wings battered, torn, now

black, tarnished wisps past scars.  

A succubus, fires calling me

Come closer let me taste your soul.

Devoured essence, swallowing seed

Fingers calling pleasure satisfyed need.

Flames igniting desire burns spirit

Ashes of lust, kiss me, taste me

Command me among seen eyes

Look deeper, depraved sense

Boundaries, without walls

Lustrous energy



Karen Hayward ©2017 

The sting of a pitiful stance.


I feel only pity. Not for you, for those touched by you. Those stained with your toxin breath and acid words. Those that hear the echoes of your banshee scream as dawn calls upon another day and they believe they converse with an angel.

I pity the God’s you pray to, the hyprocracy in your evening cries, the venom in your devil eyes. A descendant of lilith, fallen angels with blackened wings fanning the vile words falling from your spitting tongue.

The serpent coils through your soul, what embers of innocence once lay there now crushed, dispersed on trade winds to a lover and another and any poor fool consumed by your succubus melody and the broken strings of your violin.

But alas I will carry your lesson into tomorrow on the beating wings of spirits love forever at my side. My gain was your want, eternal without condition beyond the physical realm. Spiritual devotion rewarded now in universal bliss…

Your lessons taught me the value
Of true loves blessed kiss. Your game play was preparation, for me to become his. Your poison was the toxin in my climb
as I learned self worth and when my King
took stand to claim his Queen,
I knew I was worthy this time.

Karen Hayward ©2017 Image and words

Caress the inner devil of my soul. 

Caress the inner devil of my soul,

bind my wrists with the softest,

deepest, reddest silk. 

Drape me in the prettiest black lace. 

Call to me. Call to my inner succubus,

whisper my name with the darkest shame. 

Stroke my pale soft skin. 

Teasingly awaken her, whisper to her from the depths. 

And when a whisper is not enough…

Plunge her into the screams of oblivion. 

Tear open my soul with raw abandonment. 

Make me scream and beg for her release. 

Bite her into existence,

Spank her for her resistance,

Take her with your insistence 

Own her with your persistence. 

Caress the inner devil of my soul

Release her,

Let my spirit grow. 

Tease her,

Let my spirit show. 

Caress her,

Be the reason that I glow. 

Caress the inner devil of my soul. 
Karen Hayward ©2016

Incubus, succubus the devil’s calling me.


I wonder are you the incubus
sent to deliver me into hell,
Or is it I that is the succubus,
am I the angel that fell.
I wonder who leads who to the gates of the abyss,
and will our shining lights be enough,
that the depths of despair we will miss.
I wonder do the angels deliver me these signs,
everywhere I look,
you are centred in my mind or is Satan working overtime.
I wonder am I the succubus that leads your soul astray,
or perhaps you are the incubus,
and I am simply your prey.

Karen Hayward ©2016
Image is not my own and can be found on Pinterest.

A head full words but no place for them to go.

Stop, just fucking, stop. I’ve woken up this morning my entire head filled with words. Just there swimming around, constantly, screaming at me with excitement ‘Write me write me!’  So many choices, what should I write?   The succubus that explores the dark night?  or the devil that intoxicates its prey? so many things I want to say! The danger of life and the passion it gives, to the people that promise that this life they will live. And karma is knocking, it’s calling my name and screaming it’s time to treat people the same, but i’m reminded as always that life isn’t a game. And my feathers are falling and new ones do grow, they’re growing back black, now wouldn’t you know. So shall I write of the fight, when the devil dances with God, hand in hand they create a simple element of fate. The suns pouring down and sky is so blue, and my thoughts wander to what is to be you, I missed you at times, but I knew you were there, friends, they do always care. Then i’m back there again with your words in my head, could it be that I could take him to bed? And I wonder what it is that intoxicates the soul, and whether it’s right to make it my goal. Still the words come and my heads feeling numb, the fever is here and tiredness is near. I’ve so much to do, choices to choose and I wonder can I break those cardinal rules. There is something that is, something that should, and still i’m wondering whether I could. No miles between, the risk to be seen, but oh I do wonder what you’d be like between.  The words are still swimming, they’re calling my name, telling me now that I am one and the same. I put them page in an sensual rage, they fall from my fingers and yet still some of them linger. There’s no structure to this, like a move-able kiss because really it’s just an abandonment list. As man flu ravages my mind leaving me feeling so very blind, the words are all there, but I don’t fucking care! I just want to sleep so fucking deep, so I spill out my thoughts my passion and shit cos these fucking things in my head they just do not fit! My head is sore sore and my throats out to kill, and yes I have taking a small fucking pill still it burns on heating me up, fuck off cold i’ve had enough!! But still I see my inner voice has come back, for a moment there I thought I had given it the sack! These are my thoughts all in a flow, they rhyme oh I know! Cos I think in a beat that is a beautiful treat, in a constant hum of lullaby rum, dear fucking god I feel numb!!! So there you go page, you have my passion and rage, so please now thoughts, concepts and all, hush my dear baby please let me fall. I don’t ask it much, and in me you can trust, let me fall to the floor let me crumble apart, after some sleep then again we can start!