Summer explodes into the day.


Crying bairns;
Screaming mums,
the heat is up
summers come.
Flowers bloom
Insects fly,
I pause to write
beneath a topaz sky.
Hooting cars,
shouting men
giggling girls
meeting freinds.
Pale legs
cleavages out,
wolf whistles
and bored men about.
Burning heat and
barely nine
weather today
Is truly fine.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Cherry Blossom.


Have you ever seen the cherry blossom,
dancing in the breeze?
Or felt their silky softness as they grow about the tree?
Have you ever seen their leaves,
as they lose their precious green?
Or seen their earthly red after they have been?
Have you ever watched the petals as they float beneath the sky,
delicately floating they look as though they fly.
Have you ever seen them pile,
rotting all the while,
Pinkness tinged with yellow.
Have you felt them on your toe?
Or picked them from your hair?
Have you ever gave a petal, to show that you do care?
Have you ever seen the cherry blossom…
just dancing through the air?

Karen Hayward ©2016 (Image and words)

Summers end.

SS850250 (2)I close over the drawer to my socks hopeful that it will remain closed

until summers end and autumns welcome.

I pull out from the bottom of my wardrobe my lime green shorts

that reveal too much

and I only wear about the house.

I place my vest tops in a pile

and recall with a heavy heart

that my favorite red one

has seen better days.

Perhaps, if I am lucky,

it has just one more summer left in it.

As I feel the softness against my lips

and breathe in its scent,

I hope it does, for I love the way the strap

slips from my shoulder.

Clothes never do sit on me just so.

My shoulders are always pleading for freedom

like my bare feet as I close the drawer to my socks,

hopeful it will remain closed till summers end.

Karen Hayward ©2016


It will soon be summer.


It will soon be summer and my skin will be kissed with soft rouge. The whites of my eyes will shine and the blues will become deep pools of paradise oceans. Blackberries will grow wildly in forgotten alleys pecked by hungry birds. The days will be too hot and the nights hotter. We’ll store up old bottles with a ‘squirter’ lid and we’ll cool our bodies with impromptu water fights. We’ll scream as we hop from one foot to another when the cold water hits our skin. There will be squeals of delight as we cool before the setting sun. Laughter will echo. There will be Bee’s and we will panic. We will rise before the world awakes and walk along the shore before the buzzle of tourists arrive. There will be people, so many people. Sand will coat the bottom of the bath, bags, shoes, socks we’ll still be finding it months after summer leaves. The towels will smell of the ocean and our shell collection will be replenished. I will collect shards of glass that have been worn down by the tide. We will visit nature reserve a and walk in the silence of trees, sunlight dancing through through the leaves. We will collect fossils to show the Naze man and he will laugh with us at our collection, he will give you a Sharks tooth and tell you how the shark emitted it from its body hundreds of years  before, you my dear will giggle and thank him. We will stand on the edge and peer over, we will peer up, I will ponder the process of evolution. The nights will drag as the heat simmers in the air and stars will look down at us, there eyes sparkling. The summer will be with us soon and before we know it Autumn will be knocking at our door with the falling leaves.

Karen Hayward ©2016 words and image.