Morning Dawn, she rises.


Morning dawn drives on,

rising slowly from its heavenly bed.

Spilling gold dust

sparingly across her tired face.

True beauty radiating for all to see.

Eyes like piercing arrows

searching for the new day,

Red, hot,  fire burning tentatively

in the morning sun.

Karen Hayward ©Sept 2012 (edited 2017)


Sunrise makes me whole.


I only hear the melody dancing in the breeze, sun light skipping merrily through the summer leaves. Golden rays of love fall upon my skin as the morning chorus stops to whistle and to sing. Above a sky so blue my thoughts wander, pause at you. A moment  trapped in time, you inside my mind. And the skies above are pure, and the sun reaches more and more and the birds they sing of love as they whisper to the day and they fly around and play. The sunlight creeps along heating up soul, in the silence of he morning I feel so very whole.

Karen Hayward ©2016

I know what love is.


As the sun rises slowly creeping into the pale blue sky, hues of yellow spreading before my eyes I ponder the bigger questions of life.
What is love…
And as I open the front door and you scream in delight, half jumping half climbing my legs, I know what love is. As you rest upon my shoulder rubbing your head into my hair, tangling your claws, I know what love is. As you settle across my breast, paws at rest, lips wet against my cheek, I know what love is. As you look me with those tiny little eyes as I carry you round beneath the sunrise, I know what love is.

Karen Hayward ©2016