Hazy Blue.

Whisper your nothings and i’ll tell you no lies,

we’ll lay on the grass and look to the skies

the darkness will fall, will consume our pure blood

as we explore kisses with our feet in the mud.

With truth’s in the open, you’ll go or will stay

for the curiosities of life I will always pay.

The universe chooses the path I will take,

it leads to the mountains and through the warm lake.

The reasons that be, the reasons to grow

are hidden for now, so we’ll never know.

To play out a fantasy, a story or two

all tainted by life in a hazy blue.

More tempting than the apple.

You are the tingle on my tongue,

the flutter in my blood,

the devil in my thoughts,

the trust in my spirit.

You are the words on

my page,

the visions in my dreams.

You are an apparition,


more tempting than the apple,

more rewarding than the tree.

and so





Further than I can see.

You grow upon another’s


Looking for the drifting wind,

to take you back to her again.

I can taste the flesh,

but not the apple,

I can drink the juice,

but not taste the flavour.