A single daisy, in a field of roses.

If i was a person on a lonely street,
Would it still be, that we were meant to meet?
Would you have seen,
Would i have been,
Or is it all, just a nightmarish dream.
If i was a girl on a sandy shore,
Thinking of blood, lust and gore, would you have seen,
The open door?
If we were just people on a busy day,
Would our demons still want to play?
If we were just,
And filled with lust,
Would you take my hand,
And walk along the sand,
Would you watch the moon,
Disappear all too soon,
Would you let my spirit fly,
Through a protected sky,
Would you see the maze of depth,
That hides behind my
Blue eyes?
Would you see,
And keep me free.

Spooning under a lunar sky.

Soft tender lips,
on mine,
Fingers tracing hips,
so fine.
Tongue, warm
Against my ear,
The tingles swarm,
I pull you near.
Fingers interlock,
Gently pinned,
In mock.
Small, circular, swings
My nipple’s hard,
Lust filled i scream,
My legs part.
Warm skin,
Beneath my fingers,
Societies sins,
Still linger.
Soft kisses trailing down,
Warm tongue,
Things move round,
Air stolen from my lungs.
My tongue, the very tip,
Licking slowly,
the length of your dick,
bra off, boobs free.
Legs open and on my knees,
Tongues working in unison.
i want to taste,
without haste,
I want to touch,
Without rush.
A reluctant embrace,
till i know,
I am safe.

In my mind.

Would you have fun,
In my mind,
Trying to unwind,
my tangled lines
Of thought,
Like an intimate
Drinking tea, with me,
In the high seat,
As image
Flashes past,
Incredibly fast.
Would you tell me,
What you see?
from your branch,
In the tree?
I reckon you’d
Have fun,
Like playing
In the sun,
Wading through my
To the song,
Of the morning birds.

Fully dimensional hell.

What if…
One day, i don’t wake up.
My body moves,
My eyes open wide,
But my spirit gone.
What if…
Im not strong,
I’m wrong.
What if…
There is no light,
I lose the fight,
And he is right.
What if i am simply,
a broken spirit
That wanders, lost,
What if i can’t remove the cage,
And i become bitter and full of rage?
Will i then, be in hell?