Lunar you are my reason.


A thousand words are whispered on the beauty of your form,
promises of devotion are created and sworn.
A million gazing souls look to your heart,
everyone seeing distance as being too far.

You are so much more than beauty so much more than light,
It is not your soul purpose to bring vision to the night.

They stop, they gaze and pause in time,
for the moons glorious shine.
They point and wonder where did she hide?
At this new beauty they suddenly find.

But you are so much more than light that illuminates our sky,
Your purpose makes the truest soul cry.

They lay in bed whilst days tick past
wondering how long this moon will last.
As waves crash upon the shore
and moon dust sprinkles to the floor.

And you are all and you are one
as is growth to the blazing sun.

Karen Hayward ©2015.Image and words.

Goddess of the ebbing tide, where do you hide?


Ebbing sea of dreams,
Do you have the truths,
That we all do seek?
You travel so far,
You must be tired,
Do you sleep beneath the stars?
Does the moon sprinkle,
Diamond dust upon your
Moving tides,
A cloak, where the mermaids hide?
Oh ebbing tides of
The moons desires,
Do you seek
The one that bleeds,
As your master wakes,
the great lakes.
Do you see the paths
That must be walked,
The words,
That must be talked.
The pain that will release,
The fufures,
That will bring peace?
oh ebbing sea of dreams,
Do you have the truths that I seek?