Sinful crimes.

The muse of a mind of chaotic prose

If I could stop time we could pause and show.

We could speak with our tongues the language of lust

the desire to explore and to watch is a must.

If I could wield the sands in the hour glass

that make my hours pass so fast

I could stop them on a level ground

whilst your fingers touch the pearl that was found.

I could tinkle with space and create a new land

where everything happened with the touch of your hand.

Oh muse if I could stop the ticking of life’s eternal time

we could pause and commit such sinful crimes.

Karen Hayward (copyright) 2015.

Dear younger self,
If technology ever develops a way of somehow projecting this into the past, then I have something important to tell you. A few things in fact.

Follow your heart, follow your soul. Right now, society is telling you that to accomplish anything in life you have to be a certain way. This is a lie. Follow your heart; dye your hair, go goth, wear the sexy biker boots, wear jeans and hoodies and skirts with trainers. Wear what makes you feel good. Look different, wear your soul on the outside of your body.

Remember them, all of them.

Remember him. He will always be a memory.

Lost and afraid and filled with confusion you cannot see that one day you will proudly be the person you dreamed you could be. Better, you become an amazing human, you love truly and unconditionally to those that are worthy.

I cannot say don’t do this, or do that, because in truth, every thing we did growing up has made us who we are today. You do become.