. . . and if raindrops were kisses.

All Alice/karen cox.... Alice in Wonderland

If seconds were miles you’d be only hours from me and kisses would be promises made sealed on lips made of love and eyes spiraling into the oceans depths of always.

If the ocean were only a puddle I’d wait bare foot in warm springs, mist carrying to me your smile on passions embrace our laughter dancing between the falling drops of time.

If time were linear and this dimension melded with another I would hand pick our time lines crossing our paths in ferocious braids, braids braiding into braids.

If loves true divinity is the marking of our spirits chaos, cyclonic
grains of sand will slip through oceans neck into the palms of open hands sealing dreams of old, paving dreams of new.

And if the miles were seconds I’d own your kisses, if the oceans were puddles you’d taste my laughter, if time were linear and dimensions crossed our paths…

But they are… entwined and in moments blessed the miles disperse into split atoms caressing the curve of my hip on your tongue as kisses taste of a love divine…

For our souls know nothing of miles only beats within the chest, fluttering rapidly.
Our souls know nothing of oceans or falling rain just the shared essence of hope. And perhaps deep within our psyche we are learning spiritual truths
on the unseen essence of love.

Karen Hayward ©2017
Image found on Pinterest.


Lost in the atoms of time.

My soul belongs not of this time,

I’m a lost essence, displaced.

I configure humanity through rhyme,

Forgetting the social rules of saving face.

I’m submerged in a reality of mine,

Iron clad armor coated in red lace.

I tell the world I am doing fine…
But I’m lost among the atoms of time,

when men were gentle and ladies fine,

I am rooted, seeing among the deaf and the blind,

I’m lost among the atoms of time.
I long for the hearts of the kind,

When life was filled in the days,

I search for the lights in the mind,

But I find only dark souls gone astray.

I yearn for elegance, petticoats to dine

Covered in flowers and purest white lace

To sit and talk among my very own kind.


But I’m lost among the atoms of time,

when men were gentle and ladies fine,

I am rooted, seeing among the deaf and the blind,

I’m lost among the atoms of time.


Karen Hayward ©2016


The universe doesn’t pass time in the moving of seconds,

Instead, the ascending and descending of life events.

First there is birth to the perfect parents. 

Not perfectly good or perfectly rich,

hell they might not even be perfectly hitched.

But for purpose sake, the bond is purposefully stitched. 

Or unstitched in some cases. 

At a soul level you’ll recognise their faces,

past lives leaves scars, freckles, tiny traces. 

Childhood happens, you might be rich you might be poor,

the universe keeps ticking never keeping score,

look around at the beauty, she only wants, that you want more. 

For some there is light, for some of us dark 

and as the grains of sand slip, we all walk a path,

Living becomes a story that leaves another mark. 

Till finally we learn there are lessons at hand, 

Life is a map only our souls know the plan,

from the moment of birth when Terra began.

They’ll be tears, they’ll be hurt and boy they’ll be pain, 

they’ll be days when we count seconds by the drops of grey rain,

and some of us sadly, will be driven insane. 

But alas time must trickle through the portals neck,

as we eat, pray, play, work and slumber in bed,

Till finally we wake, then we are led.

For each soul that wanders for each mind that grows, 

lessons are delivered knowledge is sown, 

and time passes by in a constant flow. 

Some of us lucky our lessons we learn, 

twin flames found at the very first turn. 

Some of us feel time, feel time, as each second burns, 

time hesitates, stammers and screams, 

we can’t figure out what the symbols mean, 

we can’t make sense of the time that has been. 

The universe doesn’t pass time in the beating of hands, 

time is explored through our souls and their plans, 

some paths we can’t and some paths we can. 
Karen Hayward ©2016



I had a dream
My necessary dream
Slumber’s own addiction
Where forever we have loved
Dancing among eons of time
and I dreamt of a storm and we were the tempest
and I dreamt of rain and we were cool gentle mist
And stars illuminated the celestial heavens,
As ancient memories awakened within us.
Our essence caressing the very core of our existence,
And I dreamt of the sun and we were the golden rays of light,
and I dreamt of the moon and we were the ebbing tides.
Darkness washed away on a crescent wave
Love unbound in a midnight dream.

© Dreams by Michael Garland and Karen Hayward
© Image by Michael Garland
All rights reserved.

This amazing collaboration poem written by Michael Garland and myself is a beautiful combination of his stunningly beautiful writing and my writing 🙂

Michael’s poetry can be found on both facebook and g+. He is soooooo worth checking out, his poetry is entirely laced with the beauty of love, the sensuality of existence and the charm of happy ever afters.

My nights, my days.


I would like to spend my nights eating porridge coated in sugar and my days eating avocado, chocolate, raspberries and beetroot straight from the pack with purple juices running down the fork toward my fingers. I would like to spend my nights beneath the skies losing myself in the vastness of the universe as the moon watches over me and I would like to spend my days learning the names of each star.  I would like to spend my nights spilling my thoughts onto the page and my days reading stories that take me to far away places in far away times. I would like to pull my pink blankie up over my knees and snuggle into a cushion and forget the world as it buzzes past. I would like to spend my nights snuggled warm beneath a blanket doing nothing and yet doing everything. I would like to spend my nights dreaming of you and my days gathering those thoughts.


Karen Hayward ©2016