If time stood still

If time stood still, momentarily, I would find you and ask you all the things i want to know. I would tear open your brain and feed on the information, breathing in the finest details that have never passed your lips. I would know your inner thoughts, your deepest darkest secrets, I wouldn’t be left to wonder, I wouldn’t second guess what happened.

I would pin you down and climb on top, holding your arms to the ground I would stare into your soul and search for the answers I want. You would be defenceless,  you would be mine. All the words you never say, all the feelings that spread throughout but you push away, I would know everything.

I would softly kiss your tender lips, releasing the grip on your arms, as you would spin me to the floor, pinning me down with curious passion, Your body pressed between my legs, you would stare deep into my eyes, through into my soul and steal away the answers you long to know.

And when our moment was over we would know, to fight, or to fly, to stay or to go, we would know what we fear to ask, we would know if we have created a false identity, we would know who each others souls truly belong to….if time would just stand still, I could get the answers I want. x