Oh Robin why do you watch me so…


Effervescent glow,

beneath the silken

light of Luna,

I am lost in loves dance,

a new dawning day

whispers of hope

on springs promised

breeze. The scent of

forever in every

blooming flower,

hope sung by the

morning Robin

beneath skies of

fresh starts and

eternal promises.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Dark shadows of mistrust.


I see you in the dead of night,
hiding in the shadowed light
Out of sight.

My instinct says go forth,
Seek the things you always sought.
Forget the doubt that life has bought.

I see it all, every path,
From the finish to the very start,
I map it out in the dark.

Lone wolf that walks alongside my demons, baring your teeth,
At all you meet,
You are never beat,

Lone wolf, that walks beside my spirit,
That walks inside my heart,
That guards me from the dark.