Chrysalis transformation of beauty.

The switch came with a level

of ease that only the broken know.

It had lay there dormant before your


you never saw and you never see.

I always wondered how the transformation

would occur,

and when,

and now,

now your eyes see an

entire world and no longer

they see me.

Did you ever see the chrysalis?

It was always your creation,

never could you have dreamed

of the butterfly I would become.

Softly I fall.

Once fresh and vivid green with

flushed pink cherry blossom petals

dancing at her side.

The small leaf was transformed

by autumn. Her soul the

deepest red of a dying heart.

Winds charged past her,

in a twirling swirl of immediate


Each gust pulling her

toward a subtle breeze.

Each breeze pushing her back

toward the growing storm.

Will she ever stop falling?

Will the soft breeze ever catch her?

A constant cyclone

as she transforms and withers

into a  winter leaf.

Eyes closed, eyes wide open.

Whilst your eyes were closed and you lay locked inside your own world,
I grew.
Whilst your eyes were closed,
I found strength,
in my own words,
In my own thoughts,
In my very own hands.
Whilst your eyes were closed,
Mine opened to the world around me,
I saw paths, i never believed I could walk,
i walked them anyway.
Whilst your eyes were closed,
i grew wings, like the peacock butterfly,
I transformed, i grew, more beautiful by the day.
As you lay with your eyes closed, choosing not to see me,
I broke free.

The peacock butterfly.

I thought that I was numb,
void of the illusions
of societies suggestive reactions to the evolutionary
process of feeling.
But I see now that I wasn’t.
I was simply holding back
Letting the over whelming
instinct of protection, guard
Against intruders, I simply didn’t want people to see,
I wanted to remain hidden behind the facade, the
Unseen, un blemished,
There has never been a rush.
Although i’ve never cared,
For anothers thoughts on me,
I ‘ve seen what it is that they see,
And defended myself, one too many times,
Whilst always staying on that little thin line.
Now I have conviction in my voice,
Hiding, is another persons choice,
Im not scared, i was never scared,
To feel,
I simply never believed, they were real.
But as I explore my own mind,
Curious with the finds,
I know, I am not numb and void of the illusions of socities suggestive reactions to the evolutionary process,
Of being alive.

Chaos theory in bloom.


Lilies of white,
Fear and fright.

Roses of red,
lust fuelled bed.

Violets of blue,
Thoughts that are true.

yellow sun flowers,
and power.

I fill my dreams with all of these,
And buzzing bees,
With the colour of life,
That blurs the strife.
The universe essence,
Always in my presence.
Reminding me of lessons,
Of the past,
That went so very fast.
Of the present,
that is truly a blessing.
Of the
Writing itself
As we speak,
No way to peek,
Even know if it’s
We truly
All along the
Fresh colours
Beneath a powerful
Transformation and change,
Are all within range,
it feels strange,
And good,
Like an over read