Mine and mine alone.

It’s mine,
I earned it.
Late nights and early
Endless writing,
And always yawning.
It’s mine alone,
Mine to own.
You never believed,
you could never see.
So many doubters,
Critical shouters,
How wrong were you?
Your colours are true.
I don’t want your appluase,
So please, continue to ignore.
I thought, i did it as proof,
It was all a little aloof.
But i see now, this was my journey,
You never stood beside me.
Do not stand up now,
and shout real loud,
Do not pretend,
you were with me till the end,
You were never there,
You thought i’d fail, you didn’t care.
So here’s the news, i’m not gonna share.
This thing i earned,
Is mine alone,
Mine to own.