Amber and Blue.


Amber and Blue

When you think of me before I do
When you think of me instead of you
my everything in a world untrue
You are the silver and the gold
The amber and blue
A crescendo of rhythm in my heart unfolds
the little things you do,
is the everything I hold.
From amber and blue
aura everlastingly bold
I can feel love’s brightest glow
Let the the notions of love
be the binding glue
in you i find the beauty
In all that you do
Vibrant and alive..
like amber and blue
I can only cherish the fates that made you mine
A flaming joy in crystalline time
You are the sparkle the starlight sublime
The gravity that holds me close to you.
the beauty of love in the amber and blue

(c) 2016 Michael J. Garland
(c) image Karen Hayward

More of Michael’s amazing poetry can be found on his Google plus page…

Reflections of duality.

Do you see it?

There beyond our

sight, deep within our minds.



mirrored on the waters edge.

The world is our embodiment the water is our bed.

Ripples skimming the surface penetrating my core,

There’s no way back I’m left needing more.

In unison we draw the echo’s of our past

Hoping with innocence to remove our stubborn masks.

An aegis, nymphaeaceae in full bloom, reeds and autumn


Fears made in haste, murky waters pleading we flee.
There’s a moment between

light and dark

sun and moon.

My fingers reach

and you do not move.

Gold dust shimmering on the surface

The essence of our soul fearless they kiss.

And we are one.

United within a pool of desire

enflamed within the ancient whispers of passion.

Do you see it?

There on the waters edge

you are the reflection,




we are an echo of our

souls calling into the night.

The apotheosis of Helios

Sun God,

passion lighting the skies for all to see,

the lost flame you search for lays within me.

I search the night skies,

solitude whispering my gratitude

to distant illuminations.

I am the tides that roar into life.

The lone wolf that howls through your mind

and into the night.

Do you see it? The reflecting image

neither the same nor different and

there between us lays the divide,

where Zeus placed his knife.


Karen Hayward ©2016

Love in the soul of a butterfly.

Inspired by a photoprompt on g+ which can be found here


And the butterfly she flew

across oceans of blue,

searching the world for

love that was true.

And she became psyche

and psyche became her.

And they spoke of a love

that traveled the earth.

And cupid he searched

and he found his dear love,

and cupid was Eros

and Eros was Cupid.

And Cupid took Psyche

souls entwined

Their passion so great

it went without measure,

together at last

they gave birth to pleasure.


Karen Hayward ©2016




And in the darkness.


And in those moments when my tired soul broke beneath the idealism of a screwed up society. When darkness engulfed me. When I became so lost I was the epiphany of shame and the devil was the only other soul who knew my name. And in that moment when alone I cried a million tears of lost hope, on the shores of an ebbing tide that did all it could to draw away from my being. When my soul abandoned my body and all I was left with was the vast emptiness of an ocean of wept tears and the darkness of forever, I know now it went in search of you. It flew the skies of dying stars and searched the shores of crying tears. It navigated the faceless souls of existence until like a beacon of hope it found your soul and in returning to me upon that shore it placed inside of me a small flicker of light, for it knew, there was always hope, there was always finding you.

Karen Hayward ©2016

It is the triangle that calls my name.

We search the soulless faces for a flicker of recognition.

Glaring into empty eyes, lips twitching we watch in anaticipation

Listening to the unsung words of their soul as their lips move

and their voice echos past us, a melody perfectly played.

But the tune is empty like the empty faces and empty voices

in this lonesome over crowded world of ours. So we search

unconsciously, ears prickling for the sound of cymbals being

harmoniously crashed together. All we hear is the high pitched

twang of the triangle, we keep moving, forever moving, the

triangles sound ringing in our ears as we walk past them..their

eyes speak of no secrets shared and their voice is a whisper

in the crowds, we walk past them, searching for the cymbals

when it is the triangle that calls.


Karen Hayward ©2016


The day history chose to forget.

A gravitational pull that speaks to my soul

whispering thoughts of a love I used to know.

I close my eyes and see you gone,

I block out the words of the hand written songs.

A void in space, a memory forgot,

returning now as the sun gets hot.

The day in history that time passed by,

I tried to forget, the lie that was a lie.

I’m drawn back in as the seasons move

my soul still searching for the truth.

So now I pause and accept this love

as ever the memories are not enough,

Blue skies above my head, memories of the

single bed, sun warming my porcelain skin

I’ll stop now, I’ll think

of the one single love that took me to the brink.

I’ll search the deep blue sky for the memories I

choose to forget,

I’ll let the sun warm my heart and the strings of regret.

This sky, today is for you,

a moment to remember that the love was true.

Dreams of a future told.

I’ve seen you a dream, I know.

A promise of happy show.

There in a crowded room,

smiling beneath an eternal moon.

I’ve seen you in the lake of life,

I know one day you’ll be my right.

I’ve seen you in the smiling eyes,

you are the answer to all my whys.

I’ve heard your whispers on the summer breeze,

your name travels through the endless trees.

I’ve called your name in my slumber,

you are my final wonder.

Now I know, I see it all.

The reasons why I had to fall.

Each day I grow, each day I am,

to become the one I know I can.

A tangled web of thorny way

a path, not a place to stay.

To love, to know, to accept,

the fallen tears that I have wept.

So I shall love with all my heart,

I accept my life is on this path.

Till I see you in a crowded room,

beneath a crying perfect moon.

Wings out stretched you’ll hold me tight,

and I will know i’ve find my light.