The enchanted promises…


Your gift to me I shall treasure

until comes the day when I can

rest upon your chest and feel

the beating of our hearts in unison.

My wings will know the essence of life

upon them as I soar through the skies

resting upon clouds as the ascending

sun skips across mountain tops.

I will wander through the storms of existence,

your love my protection. For I see it now,

no longer do I walk alone, with only my shadow.

I will search the darkness for light

and when needed,

call upon you, my knight.

I will sever no ties, I will stay within sight,

but promise me,


my dearest love…do not wander into the

enchanted forest where I cannot follow,

do not befall the bitter tincture

of love in guise…for if I cannot follow,

If I look and cannot find,

then how am I to awaken you with true loves kiss?

You will be lost to an eternity of slumber

your soul rotting deep within the dark realms.


Karen Hayward ©2016

Image found on pinterest


Sleeping in a tangled web of damp sheets.

You crept
into my bed
as i slept.
‘I wetted
The bed’
You wept.
I pulled your
Seven year old
Body to mine,
And whispered
‘baby girl
that’s fine’.

Oh, beautiful girl of mine.

Oh, my beautiful girl,
You are my entire world.
Your smile,
Warms my once frozen heart.
With you i want to dance and
i breath for you,
I love for you,
I pick myself up from the glass filled floor,
For you.
oh, my beautiful girl,
I will show you so much love,
You never know tough.
I will show you so much care,
You’ll have spare,
To share.
If a child, is a reflection of a parent,
A copy of what they see,
You, will grow up free.