Take the floor.


Take the floor. It is yours.

Dance beneath the heavens

with a love divine your future

is set, you my dear are flyin.

Take the floor.

Devote all that you are,

leave behind

whimsical thoughts of passion,

take the floor,

dance to the tune of love that

filters through your mind.

Take the floor, look back no more.

Take the floor,

look back no more.


Karen Hayward ©2016

…and they were wrong.


In the dark shadows of existence they say,

such as yourself does not exist.

An urban legend,

a myth of days gone by,

pipe dreams and innocent nativity.

Oh but they were wrong.

In the tainted world of lost hope

I searched in complete belief

faces without features,

bodies without souls,

hearts without love,

‘hopeless’, they declared

my belief, so rarely shared.

Oh but they were wrong…

a singular moment in time

space shared, I saw it

there, right there.

The moment I gazed upon your

eyes, the moment we shared laughter,

I saw the celestial

essence of an angel

looking back and I knew,

they were wrong,

the pure of heart do walk upon

this earth.


Karen Hayward


Nameless spirit.


Nameless spirit,

Come to me beneath the waning moon,

climb within these crumpled sheets,

lay at my side.

Like the velvet clouds of a summers eve

trail kisses of your essence across my fair skin.

You are my fire  and I am your flame,

I am the storm that rages,

you are the lightning that strikes down

illuminating the darkness.

And there is such darkness within us

worthy of celebration, desire that spills into

lust fueled words.

Lost wanderers fearsome of existence,

fearsome of non existence.

Lay now with me,

allow ourselves to be caught in the perpetual loop

of lost seconds with only the beating  of our fear

and the rising of our need.Let this lovers ache of passion

become the raw mass of primal mating that it pleads to be,

mark upon my skin your scent so I may taste the sweetness

of my Alpha male upon natures every breeze

and I will be your sweet jasmine

the delicate fragrance of eve as the skies alight with

blinking torches of lovers wishes,

the essence of my scent will penetrate your core,

together on those sheets, let’s break universal law.

Take me upon rivers of blue and oceans of green,

wake me from this eternal slumber with fingers divine,

let’s stop the beating hands of time and fall helplessly into

the abyss of sin. I’ll be Queen, you’ll be King. We’ll

tumble through the days on velvet clouds of passion, beauty

will be our substance the unstoppable pull of need will be

the anchor of our hourglass, bottomless, the grains of sand

will never fill, lost wanderers, let us explore the dark shadows

of life returning each time to the crumpled sheets.

Lay at my side, with fingers divine let’s break the

rules of universal time.


Karen Hayward ©2016