There would be silence…

There would be silence, but for the low hum of the fridge and the sporadic whir of traffic that gently trickles along the dark roads. There would be silence, but for the distant echo of thoughts that swims against the current in my mind a chaotic flurry of nothingness and everything. There would be silence but for the silent echo of past spectres and future  spirits haunting the time lapse of consciousness between the furrowed cracks of existence. There would be silence between the particles of darkness, void space, negative equity without life’s illumation. There is silence betweens life’s muttering. There is silence on the nights tongues, silence in his touch that creeps across my soul, silence in the shadows that whisper to me of loneliness. There is silence echoing through the vortex of time. There is silence. 
Karen Hayward ©2017

Dark skies.


Sat beneath the dark skies I stare

deep inside her heart. She whispers

she will listen, for the sky is really

not so far. I do not make a sound

but listen for the owl, often all I hear

is the past as she growls.

I’ve placed a wish on every star, they’ve

soothed my breaking heart.

I’ve whispered violent silent secrets

on the tail of a dying star.

I’ve seen the soulless echo of darkness

in the night, watched as all the angels

gathered up and took flight. I’ve seen the

devil walking with flames about his feet,

I’ve heard the empty pounding of his

curdled heart beat. I sit beneath the skies

stare deep inside her heart,

and realize for a moment,  the emptiness

ain’t so dark.

Karen Hayward ©2016

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