Walk with me.

Word prompt…. Stroll


Stroll with me through beautiful woods watch me as I soar through the trees and dance at the delight of the whistling birds. Don’t wait for me, walk on ahead leave me to explore the beauty of nature, I shall return and land bravely at your feet as the trees part and our walk is complete.

Stroll with me across endless grains of sand as the tired sun sets fire to the skies, watch me as tip toe through the lapping surf and rippling motion of a calm and peaceful ocean. I shall return to you, and look a moment deep inside your eyes, as the last rays of light leave the skies.

Stroll with me beside a canal, mist clinging to our skin, in silence let me wander the beaten track beneath soft grey clouds. Watch me as I skip ahead and balance along the gates as rushing water drums in our ears. I shall return to your side and with silent whispers will tell you the thoughts I hide.

Stroll with me through a concrete city.
Take my hand,
but walk slowly, let me pause at every tower and stop at every sight. Don’t leave me, show me the beauty hidden in the night.

Stroll with me through the darkest of walks for that moment in life when it’s time to talk. Watch me as I skip ahead, see the beauty in my muddled head. Catch me as I fall behind, take my hand and tell me all is fine.

Karen Hayward ©2016