My Lips…your name.

My lips yearn to speak
your name long into the night,
counting every breath taken,
every syllable spoken
every nervous bite, searching
beneath twilight, in golden rays
endless faces, realms of nothing.
My lips yearn to speak your name,
to taste the letters upon my
tongue, and swallow their intent
caught between kisses, caressed
by desires love, engulfed in
desperate lust, my lips yearn
to whisper your name on pleasures
wave, ascent, descent, upon the
arch of need rising at your touch,
my lips yearn to speak your name.

Karen Hayward (c)2017 Image via wordpress library

Taste what love for you is.


Kiss me.

My lips ache for the

taste of your mouth.

Surrendered soul

singing loves symphony

entwined between the

sheets of time…Kiss me.

Lose reality in the dark

clouds of melancholy…

Kiss me,

a single beating heart

through the grains

of forever. Kiss me,

fill the jars of our existence

with love and insistence,

kiss me,

taste the essence of my spirit

spoken on the tip of my fair tongue,

speak to me,

tell me tales of desire in lust

filled words, inaudible,

heard by my heart spoken by yours.

Kiss me…Kiss me,

I must tell you of my love,

I must whisper of my needs

I must show you my desire…

Taste me….

Taste what love for you is.

Karen Hayward ©2017

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Opiate poison. . .


Surround me, drown me, engulf me
the essence of your desire has long
become the beating drum of my crimson
blood. Silence now has a curved edge,
warm and delicious it licks across my skin
my palette accustomed to your
embrace, opiate love, in a storm
of ferocious passion, I hear the poison
as it lulls through the shadowed
maze of my mind, and I am lost to
it’s intrinsic beat, a harmony
of ancient touch caressing my soul. Look
here at the constellation of your kisses
as they trail my skin, for all that you are
I hang on the dependency of my need.
I hang upon the dependency of our love
dark and relentless it is the beacon
of my spirit.

Karen Hayward ©2017
Image and words

Encapsulated within your essence

Even as you sleep I feel you
clawing through the external
essence of my mind…Did i say clawing?
No more like freely walking,
my doors are unlocked,
my walls are down,
you need only ask and my every
answer is yours. Encapsulated within
your essence, lost deep in your intentions,
you have me ensnared within your grasp.
I am yours.
My desire is yours.
My need is yours.
My fantasies i give to you freely entwined
with my dark sensual self…Even as you sleep
I feel your essence taking what is yours as your
spirit wanders freely through my mind’s darkest corridors.

Karen Hayward ©2017
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Nameless spirit.


Nameless spirit,

Come to me beneath the waning moon,

climb within these crumpled sheets,

lay at my side.

Like the velvet clouds of a summers eve

trail kisses of your essence across my fair skin.

You are my fire  and I am your flame,

I am the storm that rages,

you are the lightning that strikes down

illuminating the darkness.

And there is such darkness within us

worthy of celebration, desire that spills into

lust fueled words.

Lost wanderers fearsome of existence,

fearsome of non existence.

Lay now with me,

allow ourselves to be caught in the perpetual loop

of lost seconds with only the beating  of our fear

and the rising of our need.Let this lovers ache of passion

become the raw mass of primal mating that it pleads to be,

mark upon my skin your scent so I may taste the sweetness

of my Alpha male upon natures every breeze

and I will be your sweet jasmine

the delicate fragrance of eve as the skies alight with

blinking torches of lovers wishes,

the essence of my scent will penetrate your core,

together on those sheets, let’s break universal law.

Take me upon rivers of blue and oceans of green,

wake me from this eternal slumber with fingers divine,

let’s stop the beating hands of time and fall helplessly into

the abyss of sin. I’ll be Queen, you’ll be King. We’ll

tumble through the days on velvet clouds of passion, beauty

will be our substance the unstoppable pull of need will be

the anchor of our hourglass, bottomless, the grains of sand

will never fill, lost wanderers, let us explore the dark shadows

of life returning each time to the crumpled sheets.

Lay at my side, with fingers divine let’s break the

rules of universal time.


Karen Hayward ©2016

The Taste of my…

And through the tender 

kisses of your lips; 

the need in your eyes,

the trailing of your tongue, 

through the stroking

of your fingers,

through the passion in 

their touch and

the caressing of your 


The past is cleansed 

from my soul, 

your need becomes 

the hinted scent 

of my skin, 

the taste on my 

tongue, the essence

in my…

and the past is cleansed 

from my soul. 
Karen Hayward ©2016

I see it now, I never did

the reason why I never hid.

It’s more than bodies

it’s pent up release.

The things I hold the things I tell

they need a place for me to yell.

Naked skin and deep raw sex

works for me the very best.

Screaming words and pleasant pain

so much to lose so much to gain.

But take it slow, lead me in

make it pure, pure as sin.

Remove my clothes remove my thoughts

show me yours, it’s what I sought.

Then take my hand, place it there

and use your tongue to show you care.



Karen Hayward © 2015