Howling call of night…

I hear the howling winds they drag me from my slumber,
Trees screaming, leaves pleading, debris flying,
Rain falling, heavy, denting, slamming on windowpane,
Where now is Selene among this raging storm,
I search for calm and find only the descent of
crimson mist, I search for light… But the soul craves darkness
Which has long arrived, I search for hope but Pandora
was left astray, unlocked…
I hear the startling call of objects dragged through
the storms mouth, teeth bared, blood dripping,
I hear the emptiness of atoms
the raging storms of nature
the familiarity of night
sat alone, as insomnia
Kisses away the shadows
that haunt.

Karen Hayward ©2018

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Oh how we love… 

I love the snow,
gloves, scarf and wooly hat,
Extra socks and a jumper or two
Squeals of delight and a Snowball fight
Cold toes begin to hurt cold hands
radiate heat, tingling fingers,
Heat rises and I feel snug
warm and glowing…

She loves the snow,
Hates, coats, gloves, scarf
and wooly hats, no extra socks,
sandals please, no jumpers mum
she begins to scream. Squeals of delight, snow on bare skin, fingers wet
cold, glowing eyes and
smiling lips, her heart
skips a beat.

We love the snow,
but hate your stares
muttered disbelief to
pretend you care. Ask,
and we’ll happily talk,
don’t stare, whisper,
and slow your walk.

She loves the snow
but she hates heat, a second
passes and she is faint,
a second more and it’s
breakfast paint. Just pause
a moment close your lips,
watch, listen truly see
I’m not about to let her
freeze, look closer,
See me touch her
arm as I wander past
see the coat across my arm…

… But mostly,
See the smile across
her soul, hear the laughter
of a spirit free and happy,
Look closly at
those pools of blue…

The problem isn’t us,
the problem is you.

Karen Hayward ©2017

LSD my friend, rain for me till the very end.

This is a random stream of thoughts on rain and Sundays. 🙂

Cool rain upon my skin,
Fresh breeze, to help me think.
Soft silence,
For life to echo in,
Birds singing love,
Not violence,
this is the stuff.
I tingle with excitement,
Long walks, wet jeans,
Trainers soaked at the seams.
Damp hair, and smudged face,
Giggling and laughing in this race.
LSD induced fantasies,
A childhood escape from realities.
Blowing bubbles,
in a dirty puddle.
A red dress that shrunk and shrunk, so soft at the start, now hard and wet.
A police car ride,
No where to hide,
Did they see?
Not a chance,
Rambled words,
From three ‘drunken birds’.
No time for a bus
Rain never stopped us.
We danced through the splashes,
Hid from the flashes.
Dinner cooking,
No one looking,
Windows open
And all steamed up,
Time for another cup,
Hot tea with milk and sugar,
You never went far.
Family day,
Not allowed out,
I had to stay,
So i stood at the window,
The smell of dinner,
The sound of rain,
Tip tapping,
And i knew i was the winner.

Fierce apocolyptic skies thay cry.

I sit at the window and watch the fierce winds tear through the trees, rattling everything he can. His angry voice crept ito my dreams, he showed me tornadoes made of the blood of man, clouds that were deep black and set in a red sky. He showed me sacrifices and humanity. The howling wind that tapped against my dreams, awoke my fears, and whispered i am so near. He taunted me, tickled my soul, pulled me out from the depths of sleep, and screamed above the universe, your soul is mine to keep.