Gust of wind penetrate through the darkness.

Each gust of wind picks.up momento as it swirls angeily through the over grown branches. Deep whistling crashing through the leaves tip tapping at the window. Tip tapping into the dark.Tapping deep into my psych. The street lights are out,  other people are sleeping soundly. Perhaps I am the only one awake. I cannot see where the darkness starts or where it ends. Perhaps it too dances on the storming breeze.
Karen Hayward ©2016

Storm Katie.

Storm Katie, I see that you are here,
your strength the reason for my fear.
Howling winds tearing through the leaves,
swaying side to side through the dying trees.
Storm Katie, I sense that you are angry,
your rage to much for you to see,
as you release torrential rain down into the street.
battering kindly all that you can beat.
Storm Katie, I see your lonesome path,
the reason why your anger means you do not laugh.
I hear you tapping at my door,
fist raging, feet stamping on the floor.
I hear your nails scrapping across the crying glass,
your turmoil so demanding you tear through so very fast.
Storm Katie the light of day has come,
people count the damage and add the final sum.
I see you didn’t like my fencing or my garden gate,
still there are hours till you release this vengeful hate.

Karen Hayward ©2016.

Fierce apocolyptic skies thay cry.

I sit at the window and watch the fierce winds tear through the trees, rattling everything he can. His angry voice crept ito my dreams, he showed me tornadoes made of the blood of man, clouds that were deep black and set in a red sky. He showed me sacrifices and humanity. The howling wind that tapped against my dreams, awoke my fears, and whispered i am so near. He taunted me, tickled my soul, pulled me out from the depths of sleep, and screamed above the universe, your soul is mine to keep.

Oh howling wind, i hear you sing.

Howling wind,
how loud you sing,
As you dance through
The leaves on rustling
A haunting sound,
as you wrap around
The hanging wires
And bicycle tires.
How angry you seem,
Passionate and keen
As you fiercely sweep
A path that is yours to
Oh howling wind,
I watch you sing,
The power you bring,
I see,
You’re so very free.