A crossroad of destruction.

I’ve not a single idea,
Of what comes next.
No detailed plan,
Or future dream,
I have nothing
It seems.
Two paths ahead,
Both waiting for me to walk them,
One filled with destruction, likely fuelled by vodka,
No strings and hapless misgivings.
The other is simple, and I am the prize, If I walk the path I will surely rise.
I don’t know who I am,
or what in this world I can become,
I never dreamt I could become someone.
I choose this path,
I don’t know where it leads,
But I know that it’s
What I need.
I might fail it,
I might nail it.
But, for the first time in my life,
I’d like to try.

The bars of the cage.

Leave alone,
A bird
In her cage,
And she will seek,
Although weak
For an escape,
From the
Mundane take.
she will grow wings,
That can fly,
In the greatest storms,
To hidden sky.
And for many
Years she will
Her captor,
As she hides
Behind his
with her chapter.
Until one day
The cage will
Be bare,
And he will stare,
And wonder why,
She never shared.

Imperfect reflection of the chaotic beauty.

I am imperfect,
I am flawed
I am everything,
And i am nothing.
I am someone,
Am of course,
No one.
I am a reflection,
Of a shadow,
A whisper,
A silent echo.
That only a few can sense.
I am a goddess,
borne from the red moon.
I am a succubus,
Deep carnal desire.
I am a heathen,
A sister of the devils army,
I am an elemental,
A sister of earth,
The Angels stand at my side,
The devil along for the ride.
I am perfect,