Devils Love

Sometimes, I sit,

and wonder.

Is it my soul,

you plan to plunder.


are you waiting for,

Do you really think,

I am the devils whore.

Sometimes you sit,

and wonder.

Can you really,

her soul plunder.

What is she,

waiting for.

My sweet, innocent,

devils whore.

Sometimes, they sit,

and wonder,

Late at night,

when the worlds in slumber.

Why is fate,

so truly cruel,

Is it the only way.

To let the devil rule.

Sometimes, the devil sits,

and plunder’s,

all the thoughts of love,

and wonders.

He shares with, I,

and you the love,

to help us through,

each day that’s tough.

One day we’ll sit,

and wonder,

for the lost days,

that life did plunder.

And we’ll be grateful,

to the devil,

that in our true love,

he did revel.