I am the blank canvas.



I never said you could take my page,

dampen down my internal rage.

I never asked for this haunting silence

a metaphorical pain that’s worse than violence.

I never said you could have my words

or make my page a fucked up blur.

I never asked for your opinion

so I tell you now you have no dominion.

Drop a silent atom bomb upon my soul

and gather up the thoughts you think you stole.

Steal away the edges of my sanity

and try your hardest to install some vanity.

Pull at the essence of my being

and blind me from feeling what i’m seeing.

Sink me into the abyss of darkness

beneath an emerald sky so starless.

Try your hardest.

Know what it is to fail as I rise again from the ashes

a seasoned traveler I’ve mastered the crashes.

I am not your blank canvas

a tired mind empty and planless.

I am the thoughts that spill to my page

that slip between the bars of the iron cage.

I am the essence of touch in the darkness of night

devouring with passion my every sight.

So go ahead do your best,

create the silence that I detest.

Erase the markings leave only the spaces

where actually you’ll find crimson red laces.

I am more than the words, the thoughts or the gestures,

I am the blank canvas just waiting for treasure.


Karen Hayward ©2016




Poetic glitch.

The perfect arrangement of the alphabet,
the algorithm of communications.
A repetitive pattern that forms words,
any, all. We have full access.
The algorithm of life,
stories created and lived breathed in each morning and sighed out each night as we sleep.
Some stories are ours to tell,
to share,
to believe in as each word is formed.
Some are not. Some cannot be spoken.
Some must remain silent, whispers in our mind.
The glitch in every system.

Karen Hayward ©2016.

Reflective impressions.

A safe room.

What would I do?

I would sit down beside you and

stroke at your skin,

then hold you back in a gentle pin.

I would smile at you and look into your eye’s

and probably blush cos i’m a little bit shy.

I would take a deep breath and let out a sigh

and then I would tell you all the reasons why.

Why you’re amazing and I like you so

and you’d lay back and see that blushing glow.

And I would tell you with words but show you with me

and for once you see with clarity;

the revealing blue eyes and the answer to why,

the smile that gives way to the happy filled sighs,

the laughter that shows the energy you bring

and maybe if lucky the tongue that does sing.

I would show you a fairy caught in this world

and elements of life that created this girl.

You could search for your truths and look for the rare

and I feel quite certain, you would find that I care.

The pheonix.

I rise from the ashes,
Whilst you lay crumpled
At my feet.
I rise above you
As I accept defeat.
You held me down
With your giult,
your lies,
Your fears.
I used everything you
Threw at me,
To stay a float.
Now in your darkest hour,
I see only light,
you made me strong enough,
To win this fight.
I rise above the ashes,
In a world filled with light.

Touch me.

When i close my eyes,
I can feel your soft touch
Against my skin,
And the pleasure it does bring.
I can see the depths
You’d take me too,
With you,
with me,
I can see.
I can feel your warmth,
I can taste you,
I can taste me,
I can taste us,
i can taste desire.