Promote yourself.




Promote yourself…for some people this seems to be the easiest thing for them, they run out into the streets screaming, hey, look at me, see what I created. Their ego’s filling with air till they hit the point of magnificence, and too these people I say well done!

i’m more of a, yeah i’ll self promote tommorrow, today i’ll write instead, or look or feel or sleep, eat or simply breathe. In fact promoting myself was still for me a distant dream, until a few days back when , suggested I take a look at I let the idea settle for a few days. Self promotion is a big thing, in my opinion, life is not a yo yo you can’t self promote today and do nothing tomorrow, it’s a massive commitment toward your dream, and once as you get on that round about, you just can’t scream ‘stop, I wanna get off.’

So this is the first step in my decision to go forward and self promote my words to the entire world (outside of writing a blog, which is of course its very own form of self promotion.) I’ve made the choice and the commitment will follow, I promise, to myself that I will self promote my words, each and every day, I will endeavour to push myself as far out into this messed up world as my toes can go.

My ‘promote yourself’ post can be found here, go look, and please, please feel free to rate the poem and like it of course!

The world needs to hear the voices of the poets, see the images we can create with our words, and feel, the world desperately needs to start feeling the magnificence of poetry.



Blossom xxxx