Arrow of Eros penetrates my heart free from sinful cost.


Shakespearean sonnet attempt using #poetslineprompts for inspiration)

Ensnared within a spell bound utterance
candescent waves whisper to me forgotten
secrets, oculus, divine sustenance
nourishing essence celestially sent.

Abandoned to lustrous liberation
ethereal kalopsia, mirage
of primal existence, arts creation
painted beneath naked monolith stars.

Whimsical wisps of fantasy tear stained
embraces ancient scent of purity
passion brings forth efflorescence long waned
essence awakes carnal reality.

My Psyche disarmed, arrow of Eros
penetrates my heart free from sinful cost

Karen Hayward ©2017
Image and words

List ten songs that you’re loving right now. 30 day writing challenge.

Okay guys this is day 7 of the writing challenges. You can find my original post here. This is an interesting question because my music tastes are dependent on my mood and the mood I want to be having! I can absolutely love a song and will listen to it on repeat for days, weeks even, and yet i’ll not like the artist or the album. For me it is all about that one song that is playing to me. It’s about the beat, the sound and mostly the lyrics. I like music that sings to my soul, I like music that dances through my soul.

Oh music, music music. Ten songs that i’m loving right now. I’m a very indecisive kinda person and I’m not always fully aware of myself, so, I decided I would ask hubby and my daughter what songs they felt I listen to a lot….”the same song, over and over, seriously it’s like you get up pick a song and whack repeat!”…ooops!!

Okay so this mornings ‘repeat’ song, this was also yesterdays repeat song, in fact this song gets whacked on repeat at the very least once a month. She’s always a woman to me. Fyfe Dangerfield.


and next in line is…the lazy song, because in life we all need that one song that say’s fuck you world today I swear I ain’t doing anything :).


Song number three is…oh dear God I gotta go check my youtube history!

Okay, I love this song, I absolutely love the cheesiness to it, I love the beat, I love the concept.


Okay song number four! It’s getting difficult now. It would seem everyone is right, I just listen to the same songs over and over and over again! On youtube I have a playlist that I use for when I’m writing, I created a couple of years ago when I was doing nanowrimo, so let’s have a quick look through that and see which songs I always go back to.


Song number six! I almost forgot this song, Iris, Goo Goo dolls. I love this song beyond words.  For me this is the ultimate love song and I love the video!



Song number seven, no reason, just simply loving the lyrics to this song.


Okay, actually this might be the best love song ever. This is such an intense love song. I love it, I love the words so much. Song number eight!


Song number nine!


and number ten! So hard to choose which Cyndi Lauper song though because I love them all, but this one, for some reason has always held a special spot for me.


I always find it a little odd to sit back and take a closer look at my music tastes as I don’t feel they reflect me, they do obviously they do, but I often find people are surprised by my tastes and mainly by my love of love songs. I actually love all things love related, especially love songs!


Karen Hayward (copyright 2015)


Writing prompt…A chip so I can hear people’s thoughts…seriously give me the chip.

Ok guys and gals, so i’m writing this in response to a great prompt I saw earlier over on this amazing blog (seriously go check this gal out)…

and I believe the original can be found here…

The prompt is…”A mad scientist friend offers you a chip that would allow you to know what the people you’re talking to are thinking. The catch: you can’t turn it off. Do you accept the chip?”


Hell fucking yes I would take the chip. Ok I cannot lie, I want to join the X-men, seriously, I am pretty sure that if a doctor were to examine my blood they would discover a dormant mutant gene, yep that is the line I am going with. There in my lovely crimson blood lays the key to evolution. So yeah, if I had a mad scientist friend and they came along with a chip, I would grab it right outta his hands.

Imagine the good you could actually do with that chip. I am not scared to be the one that bears that weight, my shoulders are broad and I am used to carrying the weight of the world on them. If I could hear peoples thoughts I could make them better. :).

Am I worried that I will hear thoughts about myself? Nope, not at all, last time I checked I was not put on this earth to be liked. In fairness I’m not always liked, I tend to speak my mind, if I don’t like a person (and have good reason) I don’t bullshit around, I don’t pretend, I tell them..sorry! and hey, if they’re busy thinking nasty thoughts about me, then they ain’t thinking nasty things about anyone else :).

So going back to the X-men and having mutant powers, this would a long running dream come true for me, so if anyone has the number for this mad scientist, please hand it over, I want that fucking chip!