The past walks with me.

I’m nearly at the top,
There is no time to stop,
You’re the reason I am here
Why I suddenly changed gear.
I saw another life,
one without strife.
I stopped my foolish ways
I wish you could’ve stayed.
To watch me as I grew,
But neither of us knew
The mountains I would reach
or the love i’d learn to teach.
From my past I hide away,
In its arms I cannot stay.

Perhaps the day will come
when i’ll no longer have to run.
Till then i’ll live my life
without drama or strife.
I’ll continue on my path
beneath my veil and scarf.
Hiding our secret with shame
whispering in the darkness your name
hushing my screaming heart
that calls into the dark
for the lover that is gone
for the love that wasn’t wrong.
In my dreams as I sleep,
you are mine to keep.

My soul whispers into the morning dew
for only you to hear,
I love you.