Beautiful sunset of mine, join me in drinking wine.

I find the sun setting,
Bright orange rays.
Of a half filled sun.
Reaching, straying,
Bouncing across leaves,
Tenderly rubbing against
My skin
As it waves goodbye,
Promising me a good night.
a deep red trail,
With purple hue,
Reminds me of lovers,
just a few.
So strong and solid,
In its final flight,
The sun setting is a glorious sight.

My track.

I’m not sure,
When it happened,
The change.
At first, i thought of you by choice,
I often find you just wandering around inside my thoughts.
and it doesn’t worry me.
Doesn’t make me want to flee.
And suddenly,
I am aware,
The empitiness
Of miles,
The inability
A line on a map,
That can only be traced.
And still, i am not fazed.
The best walks,
Are not mapped in chalk,
life is not a drawn up list,
It’s something,
So, i’ll continue down the beaten track,
It will lead me foward,
Or it will lead me back,
I believe, this is my track.

I shall write, through the night.

It’s the eve of a choice,
That is the essence of my voice,
And i’m yet to plan a single thing,
Failure, will likely sting.
So i took a walk,
and gave myself a talk,
Along a sandy shore.
The waves ebbed, a steady flow,
Never knowing,
Where to go,
The sand poured freely down
Between my fingers,
No plan lingered.
The sun reached me,
Through soft white clouds,
And the deepest shade,
Always finding a way.
I heard
There in my head,
What ever you want
you always get,
The choice is made,
I am not afraid.
If i put my mind to it,
It will be mine,
It always is.
S, i’ll not plan the story,
It could be gory,
But, it’s what i want,
So it’s what i’ll have.

Behind my wall

Just throwing this one in,
To see if it gets seen.
Odds are low,
Chances are high,
So many words,
I think i can fly.
Poems of old,
Words of new,
The files just grew and grew.
Some poems i wrote,
I pushed away
On a sailing boat,
simple words,
Simple meanings,
nothing to hide me,
Or my dreamings.
So i offer them all,
I will take the fall,
I no longer hide behind a wall.