Summer darkness.

The cool air of an early summer evening

dancing across my skin beneath a moon

half covered in shadows of the unknown.

Lost stars within my sight among the darkness.

Stirring memories of tales from long ago,

I sit and feel as my soul remembers

and my spirit feels, as summer reminds

me, off all that I have forgotten.

A fairy tale in a dying world.

Once upon a moon lit night

A dark world, absent of light.

Dying stars in the skies shone,

upon an earth where life was gone.

There, deep inside a forest green

out of sight and never seen.

A normal girl of noble birth

hides, knowing not her worth.

As she hides between the trees

knowing only what she see’s.

A prince of rusted armour comes

searching for the blessed sun.

His sword of mighty steel

a winning token from a dodgy deal,

he holds it up above his head

slamming down where he does tread.

No birds grace the sky and sing

no animals of joyous spring.

The fairy Godmother has upped and gone,

for this world is dying, it wont be long.

And there beneath the waterfall,

she hears a voice that does call

her precious name of love and joy,

she steps back shy and coy.

Sparkling eyes of sea deep blue

a heart beat, so love is true.

His sword up high he brings it down,

slashing at her flowing gown.

She screams she shouts

she knocks him out.

Laying their in bloodied mud

his body made quite the thud.

The princess looks,

the princess see’s

laying their between his knees.

A bulge of meat?

A growing sword?

oh lord!

So as he stirs, as he wakes,

the princess knows not what to make.

This creature from between the trees,

with abnormal growth between his knees,

She ties him up and strips him bare,

takes him home so she can share.

His amour gone his sword alone,

he will not return to take his throne.

As the princess plays in the darkest skies,

the prince calls out,

but no one hears his desperate cries!

A wooden town lost in despair.


Fucked up and busted,

burnt out or rusted. Broken

glass and shattered dreams

of a fantasy held, but never seen.

Lost souls in a town of death

blood, sweat and the eternal meth.

wooden homes burnt and gone,

a hidden place so filled with wrong.

Drugs and hate with cider shots,

this is the place that love forgot.

Fucked up and broken

the devil himself has spoken,

he rules the town of deep despair,




The wooden town that time forgot,

there’s one road in, and it’s full of rot.

Broken souls and spirits high,

as someone, somewhere, begins to fly.

He takes from their soul

a bit at a time,

feeds them back life,

built upon crime.

A fantasy once, held by mans dream,

to recreate life an image he’d seen.

Memories of old in the wood that he sold,

to have and have be

the stories to keep…

a holiday for life, a home where you’d sleep,

but the devil did see the dream

that would be,

with its one road in that

led to the sea.

And the universe screamed,

and the universe saw,

the dream that was built right there at the shore.

She sprinkled down sand,

and skies of deep blue,

and added souls with hearts

that were true.

She shot out the stars

that covered the sky,

these were the light

that lit up the dark.

And the devil despaired

and the devil does fight,

he’ll do what he can to banish this light.

Shattered glass and splintered dreams,

lost souls fraying at the very seams.

There’s those that see, the dark and the lost,

the eternal damned, societies lost,

and those that know

of one mans dream,

never made but always seen.


Karen Hayward ©2016

A battle of anxious proportions.

Dear Mr anxiety,
You ain’t ever gonna get me.
I know you wait and stare,
You think it’s only fair.
You make my body ache,
you make my limbs shake,
my heart beat faster,
But, dear Mr anxiety, you ain’t my master.
Did you see me on the swing last week?
Laying back in that big round seat?
You wanted out to play,
but my Mummy whispered,
‘it’s all okay’,
her voice was like a light,
as you battled for the fight.
Did you see me on those stairs?
it was my biggest dare,
just you and me.
my mummy said,
Eyes up, look ahead.
But you whispered in my ear,
My body shook with fear,
you said, i cannot do it,
the stairs will break,
i will trip or miss,
Mummy just gave me a gentle kiss then whispered ‘baby you have this.’
Dear Mr Anxiety, I know your wings are big, they help you spread your fear,
but my mummy always knows when you are near.
Her wings are only small,
But they catch my every fall,  they light my every dark
And calm my beating heart.
So come watch me as I play,
Block my path,
I’ll find a different way,
Freeze my body still
blood pumping like a drill,
Make my body shake
And my muscles ache.
Your strength is mighty,
This is true,
But my mummy is
Mightier than