Month: July 2014

Ferocious clouds breathe deep.

Why so angry clouds above,
Has your day been that tough?
Why rage and shout,
And slam about,
And cry a flood of tears.
Your end is near.


My coca cola float.

It still amazes me, to watch us grow,
Telling you things that only i know.
And if I could put into words
What you are to me
This is what they would be…
Popping candy, chocolate and cream,
Flying leaves and a flowing stream,
Screams of pleasure,
And words at leisure.
A midnight moon,
A rose that blooms.
A sugar high,
The eagle that flies.
A puzzle done a thousand times,.
The echoing sound of nothing,
My out of tune voice as i sing.
The list has no end,
My dear, dear friend.
If i could put into words, what you are to me,
i’d show you a reflection,
of you,
and say,
see what i see.

Touch me.

When i close my eyes,
I can feel your soft touch
Against my skin,
And the pleasure it does bring.
I can see the depths
You’d take me too,
With you,
with me,
I can see.
I can feel your warmth,
I can taste you,
I can taste me,
I can taste us,
i can taste desire.

Chaotic page.

I desperately want to write,
like an addiction it has a hold of my soul,
I want to scribble my words onto a blank canvas, and sort them into coherent pathways that once again make sense to my controlling mind.