The Shy Moonlit Sky.

We’ll walk together;
beneath a moonlit sky,
My cheeks will blush and
i’ll be shy,
just us alone, a gal and
we’ll chat away through the
mindful night.
The shadows will move as
The time does fly,
as we talk of the things,
That make us cry,
In a pool of water reflecting the light,
We’ll search with hope,
as we scry,
in search for a life
Where we’re free from strife,
And forever asking why.
But time will fly,
Upon the sands of change we lie,
looking up at a moonlit sky,
fingers touching
As we whisper

The soft Silence of Sensuality.

summer holidays 047

The soft silence of sensuality.

Burning flames scatter through my soul

searching for answers,

nobody knows.

Fear etched into my stare

this is no time to show you care.

I want desire,

set my spirit on fire,

I want to feel

please, make this real,

fingers that dig into my skin,





No thoughts, no thinking

let’s get kinky,

tear away my clothes,

strip me bare,

this really is no time to care.

Make me tingle




lick of your tongue,

rub of your thumb.

Hold me,

feel me,

don’t let go

if only for a


just so,

just so I can cum,


for a moment be my sun.

Through the storm.

Crumbling walls fall down upon my broken wings.
Crimson tears stain my porcelain skin,
so many battles,
I cannot win.
The darkness dances through the shadows
Scraping his claws across my flesh,
Breathing fire into my soul,
Tearing away my floral dress.
The walls are closing in,
I no longer sing,
The sky is turning scarlet red,
As reality creates a vortex,
Inside my muddled head.
And suddenly,
It’s clear as day,
all the things I want to say.

Stars that light the way.

Another day to find my way,
In this broken battered life,
of fairy tales and old folk law
ebbing aimlessly at the littered shore.
Another day,
to beg and pray,
that from the surf
we’ll find what’s worth
to turn this all the other way.
Another sun,
Another moon,
The day sweeps in all too soon.
Dying stars,
up so far,
out of reach,
A spectres beach.
Another day to fight
the dark,
Another day, to be your light.

Taste me as I hide.

Take me to that place,
deep inside my dreams,
Leave without a trace
let my body scream.
Touch me as I am,
Watch me as I glow,
slowly if you can,
I’ll watch you as you grow.
Warm me with your tongue
kiss my tender lips,
I promise I wont run,
the sleep I wouldn’t miss.
Taste the rampant flow
as the aching now subsides
It’s an interactive show,
so enjoy the lust filled ride.